With over 20 years of experience in the world of pest control, we know that when infestations are uncovered in the home, you need fast, friendly, effective, and affordable residential pest control services, to put your mind at ease and reinstate your home’s pest-free status.

Tantamount to the fifth emergency service, you can be sure that everyone at Key West is understanding of the emotional repercussions of infestations in the home, and are keen to provide you with the best solution, quickly, and for less.

Beyond our long-held commitment to provide affordable residential pest control services to domestic customers across the country, you can rest assured that our customer centred approach, and dedication to offering ultimate value for money, is at the centre of everything we do.

Affordable residential pest control

Effective and Affordable Residential Pest Control

When it comes to pest activity, it’s best to act fast before infestations become more firmly established and so fewer treatments are required, saving you money, and providing the speediest possible route to a pest-free home.

So, whether an infestation has been uncovered across the home, or you strongly suspect pesty goings on, give our team a call today. We provide not only quality services, but the best advice, at an affordable price.

Our friendly office staff are knowledgeable in all areas of domestic pest control, and have handled hundreds of thousands of calls from panicked homeowners, arranging visits by our technicians to deploy the infestation treatments they need.

After asking a few questions about the specific problem you’re experiencing, to help us identify your likely pesty visitor, the most effective service to treat the problem, and the number of treatments we think you’ll need, our team will schedule a visit at your convenience.

Affordable residential pest control

Highly reactive, we’ll ensure you’re not waiting long before a skilled technician is at your door, ready to deploy the effective and affordable residential pest control service required to return your home to its former pest-free glory.

Whatever the pest, whatever the size and scale of the infestation, there’s nothing we haven’t seen, and successfully tackled over the last two decades.

Rest assured, as highly experienced, trusted pest control providers, we’re steadfast in our dedication to the legal requirements and compliance that govern our industry, and the health of safety of those inside your home.

As well as assuring the quality and efficiency of our treatments, we offer prices considerably lower than many of our competitors, so if your home has fallen prey to pest infestation, call the Key West team today.

Beyond the Door

Not all residential infestations occur within the walls of the home, and we frequently deploy treatments outside of residential properties, in front and back gardens, yards, and outbuildings.

It’s not only the health risks associated with pests that make leaving an outdoor infestation to grow more severe a dangerous oversight. Treating pest problems in these locations before they spread to the home will help make treatment easier, and spare you the emotional results of living amongst pests.

Affordable residential pest control

Affordable Residential Pest Control Services for Landlords

Are you a landlord? Have a portfolio of properties to protect?

For landlords, pest control is an essential way to protect your properties, tenants, and your reputation.

It’s not just about treating infestations, we work closely with landlords, offering regular visits to their properties to deploy preventative maintenance and pest-surveys, to keep them free from infestation.


Looking for affordable residential pest control services? Look no further.

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