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While an ant problem in the home or business won’t have your family, or employees and customers, running for the door, these crawling nuisance pests reproduce in huge numbers, turning ant problems into full blown infestations in no time.

When the signs of an ant problem are spotted in your home or business, professional ant control services like ours are required urgently.

Though only one of the four species of Ants present in the UK poses a threat to your family, or employees and customers, via its sting and bite, ant problems can send the wrong message to guests invited to your home, or customers visiting your commercial property.

What’s more, our homes, and businesses without ant prevention measures in place, are all-but open to infestation from these tiny pests, who enter properties via tiny cracks, gaps, poorly sealed windows, doors, routes under flooring, and via utility lines. When they do, our ant control services are a lifeline.

This service offers homeowners and businesses a reactive, stress-free, cost effective, solution to ant problems, supported by specialists.

Ant Control
Ant Control
Ant Control

Your Partner in Pest Prevention

As specialists in commercial pest control we understand that prevention is the best cure, and that the role of pest controllers like us, spans far beyond merely treating existing infestations.

Nothing halts operations like a pest problem, and our ant control services, and wider specialist support, help protect the work of your dedicated teams, and the delicate balance of skill and timing required to deliver your service.

At Key West, we work with businesses like yours on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your premises (or range of sites), to deploy preventative maintenance and treatments to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so business-halting infestations of any kind need never occur.

For most businesses, ant control services and treatments will only be required if the signs of activity are identified during frequent pest inspections, where pest activity in all forms, is monitored and managed by experienced, accredited providers like us.

We offer pest control services 100% tailored to your unique business, its operations, industry, premises, location of your premises, and the pest-related risks it faces, to find the perfect blend of services and treatments to keep your business driving forward, pest-free.

Ant Control

Ant Control for Food & Hospitality Industry

For businesses of any kind, an ant problem requires urgent attention, but for food and hospitality businesses, an ant problem could compromise your hygiene rating, or lead to devastating customer reviews.

Our ant control services, and wider specialist pest control support for food businesses, and hotel and accommodation businesses, help to protect commercial properties, guests, and employees, from the risks of infestation, and safeguard all important reputations.

Beyond preventative maintenance and pest control treatments, we also help your business meet the pest-related legislation mandatory for all UK businesses, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. We can help food businesses to meet pest-related Food Safety Standards, and The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995, and help hospitality businesses to meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for the industry.

Enquire about our ant control services, and pest control support today, for the confidence that specialist pest control providers are working to help your business thrive, uninterrupted by pest activity.

Ant Control

Experienced, Trusted, And Discreet Ant Control Services

We’ve been offering ant control services for over 20 years, and having tackled infestations at every size and scale, rest assured we’ve seen and heard it all. From our friendly and knowledgeable office team, to our skilled and experienced technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide you with a speedy solution to your pest problem.

At Key West, the effectiveness of our treatments is met with friendliness, professionalism, and a respect for your home and family. We deliver an urgent, discreet, tidy, stress-free resolution, for an affordable price.

Considering DIY ant control methods? When it comes to commercially available DIY products, not everything you need to know is written on the packaging. In fact, knowledge goes a long way to providing a swift solution.

What’s more, the effectiveness of commercially available DIY pest control products varies enormously, accelerating the cost of your problem, and your frustrations. For a stress-free, cost effective solution to your ant problem, call today.