The global coronavirus pandemic has presented an enormous range of challenges for businesses of all kinds amidst international lockdown measures. For organisations who have survived through their displays of swift agility and resilience, moving their workforce back into the work environment is due to present a new range of challenges. Enter our Antibacterial Mist Treatment.

A reliance on Hygiene Services could tackle these challenges, providing a route to safe, reliable operations for all organisations and employees, and reduced restrictions for a nation ready to resume everyday life.

For businesses who’ve maintained operations within their typical work space throughout national lockdown measures, the regular deployment of these hygiene services is a matter of upholding your basic duty of care to your employees.

Introducing our Antibacterial Mist Treatment. An effective alternative to typical deep cleaning services, this treatment contains Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus.

Our experienced Hygiene specialists provide a thorough misting of your entire commercial space, killing the virus on all hard surfaces. We also include a High Touch Point Clean with this service, helping you to reduce the risk and protect your people.

antibacterial mist treatment


Who? Me?

Soon, businesses able to offer a restricted service compliant with social distancing guidelines, will be re-opening.

This means that restaurant staff will return to work for takeaway services, businesses within the hospitality industry able to utilise their restaurant/sports facilities will soon be sending employees back to these spaces, and warehouses and similar environments (if they weren’t open already), will once again be brought to life, with new social distancing guidelines .

It is logical to assume that if these lifted restrictions are successful, offices will begin to fill once again too.

According to The World Health Organisation, “Studies suggest that coronaviruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days”.

Whilst commercial properties that have stood closed throughout national lockdown may no longer harbour risk, our Antibacterial Mist Treatment could ease the valid concerns employees are likely to have returning to their work environments.

Once re-open, it is imperative that these businesses manage the risk regularly and effectively. Our Antibacterial Mist Treatment is affordable and highly effective. Work with Key West Hygiene Services to schedule regular treatments to defend against the virus and keep your people safe at work.

Whatever your business, whatever your environment, office, restaurant, hotel, warehouse, retail stores etc, with the risk from coronavirus still an undeniable reality, we can help you protect your people, and manage the reputation of your business.

For our country’s essential businesses, who have been able to sustain their operations throughout lockdown measures, and (we hope) have been investing in typical deep cleaning services, our Antibacterial Mist Treatment gives you the upper hand.

With our “No Profiteering & No False Assurances Promise”, you can increase the effectiveness of the services you are utilising to defend against coronavirus and keep your people safe in their working environments.

antibacterial mist treatment


What does the Antibacterial Mist Treatment look like?

Once arriving at your business premises, we fit our pp3 filter masks, put on our gloves, and register on site to present our risk assessment and method statement.

After ensuring the entire building has been vacated, we place signs on all exists, close all windows and open all internal doors.

Once your premises has been prepared, we return to our vehicle to remove our mask and gloves (which we dispose of in a yellow hazard refuge sack). After putting on a new chemical cam suit and chemical gloves, we fit a full-face mask.

Before returning to your building, we gather antibacterial wipes, 2lt Gloria spray, 5lt Mister and 5lt Bio rid concentrate.

After safely and securely mixing the necessary chemicals, one member of our Hygiene Services Team will fill the room with the Antibacterial Mist while another technician will provide a High Touch Point Clean. Changing antibacterial wipes regularly, we place all waste in hazard sacks as we move systematically from one room to another.

Once your treatment is complete, we wipe-down all our equipment with antiseptic wipes, spray each member of the Hygiene Services Team to sanitize them, and wiping our masks, we place them in a sealed container in the van.

Removing our cam suits and gloves, we place them in yellow hazard sacks, before double-bagging them with a second. This waste sack is secure them in a container and stored in the van for transit.

Before returning to our head office, we fill out a full report and submit it digitally.

Back at the office, wearing new chemical gloves, we dispose of all the hazardous waste amassed during the treatment into a 1000lt bin, to be collected by the waste company who incinerate the waste.

You can count on Key West to take our Key Worker Status with great seriousness. Rest assured, we feel a great responsibility to remove the risk from your commercial premises and protect your employees.

Enquire about our Antibacterial Mist Treatment today to navigate the challenges presented by coronavirus across your working environment. Protect your people and safeguard the reputation of your business at this highly unusual time.