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Key West Bedbug Control


Wherever people go, bedbugs go too, and our homes and businesses – not just hotels and accommodation without bedbug control measures in place – are under threat from these pests and their parasitic activities.

More than just things of nightmares, bedbugs are transported in and out of our homes, hotels/accommodation, and other businesses, via clothes and belongings brought from infested sites; meaning bedbug problems can strike for anyone, and any business, at any time.

When they do, our bedbug control services are a lifeline, and a reactive response to a pest problem that requires urgent attention. We’ve battled bedbug infestations at all sizes and scales, helping:

  • People who’ve stayed in accommodation and returned home, bringing a problem with them.
  • Second hand furniture fans who’ve thrifted more than a bargain.
  • People who’ve had guests to stay at their home, who’ve left more than unwashed dishes behind them.
  • Hotels and accommodation welcoming guests to stay.
  • Any business with a team of employees working from a commercial property, who occasionally bring more than their finest ideas to work.

Our bedbug control services offer homeowners an urgent, affordable, and highly effective solution to residential bedbug problems, and help to keep businesses driving forward, protecting commercial properties, employees, customers, and all important reputations.

Bedbug Control
Bedbug Control
Bedbug Control

Your Partner in Pest Prevention

As specialists in commercial pest control, we understand that prevention is the best cure, and therefore, believe that the role of a pest control provider like us, is about much more than treating existing infestations.

For most business types, bedbug control services will only be required if the signs of bedbug activity are identified, during frequent scheduled pest inspections, where pest activity in all forms, is being monitored and managed by trusted and accredited pest control providers.

That’s why we work with businesses like yours on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your premises, deploy preventative maintenance and treatments to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so business-halting bedbug infestations, or infestations of any kind, need never occur.

Bedbug Control

Accommodation and Hotel Bedbug Control

For hotel and accommodation businesses, bedbug control services are essential to ensure your operations are undisturbed, and to safeguard your reputation from the potentially devastating results of a bedbug infestation. In short, we’re here to ensure “that review”, of a nibbly night’s stay at your hotel or accommodation property, for all the world to see, is never written.

We support owners and managers of hotels and accommodation, just like you, across Yorkshire and beyond, to remain pest-free, meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for your industry, and protect your guests, employees, and brand.

The focus isn’t just on bedbug control of course. Hospitality businesses are under threat from infestations of all kinds, and as providers of specialist pest control services for hotels and accommodations, we can help you tackle whatever pest problem you may encounter.

Got an onsite kitchen or restaurant? We can also help you meet pest related, food business legislation, maintain your hygiene rating, and prevent pest activity across your kitchen and dining area.

Bedbug Control

Experienced, Trusted, And Discreet Bedbug Control Services

From our friendly and knowledgeable office team, to our skilled and experienced technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide the speedy resolution you need.

Providing bedbug control services for over 20 years, we’ve not only seen and heard it all, but we understand that a bedbug problem, in no way reflects on your standards of cleanliness, or housekeeping. So, if these nightmarish pests have made a home in yours, give us a call.

At Key West, we match the effectiveness of our residential bedbug control treatments, with friendliness, professionalism, and absolute respect for your home and those inside it. We deliver a reactive, discreet, tidy, and speedy resolution, reinstating your peace of mind, and helping to make your home your own once more, for an affordable price.

Considering DIY Bedbug Control Methods?

DIY pest control products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and often require multiple treatments, increasing the cost of your bedbug problem, and furthering your frustrations.

While only one species of bedbug can be deadly to humans, bedbug problems commonly take a toll on the mental health of those living with an untreated, established infestation, both from the natural aversion we have to these pests, and their unsightly bites.

In every case, trusted bedbug control services are the ultimate, most cost-effective solution