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Commercial Bird Control Services


At Key West, we support businesses of all kinds, across a vast array of industries and commercial settings, with a range of bird control services, to deter pest birds, and help drive businesses forward.

A pest bird problem can have a significant impact on businesses of all kinds, disturbing your operations, causing significant damage, and putting the health of your employees and customers at risk. This is why many of our bird control services aim to prevent pest bird activity, before it begins.

Why Your Business Needs Bird Control


Pest birds sure know how to announce their presence, in an unrelentingly noisy manner, making delivering the perfect customer experience, and offering employees a quiet workplace for careful thought, impossible.

Businesses without preventative bird control measures, unknowingly leave themselves open, not only to infestation, but to risking the health of employees and staff. Beyond carrying infections and diseases that can be contracted simply by breathing the air around them, pest bird problems pose a further threat to public health and to your property, carrying mites and smaller pests aboard their feathery bodies.

As if to max-out on the gross factor, and with no regard for your balance sheet, their highly acidic guano, which is itself a breeding site for other pests, can destroy the structural integrity of roofs, ledges, signage, solar panels etc, making pest bird infestations an expensive ordeal. Can you afford to go without bird control services?

Bird Control
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Protect Your Business With Key West Bird Control

Gotten lucky, and been spared by the birds until now? Pest birds select buildings near to a preferred food source, that can help them shelter from the hostile elements, and protect their young. So, whether you’ve got a city-centre commercial property, or you’re based more rurally, no building, without preventative bird control measures in places, is safe from these flapping pests.

Our bird proofing and scaring services aren’t just about treating existing bird problems, they help safeguard your customers and staff, and protect your business from pest birds, via a range of preventative measures, to hinder access to, and deter pest birds from, your commercial property, or range of sites, this week, next week, and into the future.

Bird Proofing Services

Bird Proofing Services

Our bird proofing services are 100% effective, long term, preventative bird control solutions, to protect your commercial property from the risks of a pest bird infestation.

Our range of bird proofing solutions include:

Proofing of air conditioning units, Netting with stainless steel fixings, Bird spikes, Bird Wire system, Bird Fire Gel, Avishock Electric Deterrent, Trapping Programme, and Audio Deterrents.

Start with a call to our team to discuss your bird proofing needs, your commercial property type, and location, before welcoming Key West for a free survey of your commercial property, and we’ll identify the perfect bird proofing solution for you.

Bird Scaring Services

Bird Scaring Services

At Key West, our technicians are licensed providers of bird scaring services. Experienced at handling the hawks we use for this solution, Key West technicians deploy this service in a humane way, ensuring no harm comes to the pest birds we deter.

Our bird scaring services are an enormously effective way to disturb nuisance birds, and utilise birds of prey (Haris Hawks and Saker Falcons) to unsettle pest birds, and move them away from your commercial property.

We only propose bird scaring services in settings where other bird control solutions would be ineffective or unsuitable. Get in touch with our team today, to discuss your bird scaring needs, tell us about your business and commercial property, and then welcome Key West for a free survey, to help us identify the right bird scaring approach for your business and commercial property.

Residential bird control

Seeking Residential Bird Control Services?

Residential pest control services are part of our heritage, and ones we’re proud to provide. In our 20 years in the industry, our bird control services have been a lifeline for homeowners across Yorkshire and beyond, experiencing a bird problem.

Capable of spreading Ornithosis, E.Coli, Salmonella, and other diseases to your family, known to attack people around their nesting site (which could pose a threat to you and your family), and covering the homes they target, and nearby vehicles, with highly acidic guano, which is capable of damaging valuable assets and your health, a bird problem requires urgent action.

Rest assured, we’ve seen and heard it all, and have deployed bird proofing and scaring services to tackle problems at every size and scale. From our friendly and knowledgeable office team, to our skilled, experienced, accredited technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide you with a speedy solution.

At Key West, deliver an urgent, discreet, tidy, stress-free resolution, for an affordable price.

Considering DIY bird control methods? Due to the danger associated with disturbing a bird’s nest, and the health risks posed by birds, we strongly advise that you don’t try to treat the problem alone. Everything you need to know is not printed on the packing of DIY pest control products, and knowledge goes a long way to successfully treating a pest problem, and you’ll find opting for professional support is the quickest, and most cost effective, route to a speedy, stress-free solution.

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