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Key West Cockroach Control Services

No, cockroaches are not a creepy insect native to your favourite holiday destinations! There are 3 species here in the UK, which comes as a shock to the homeowners, and some of the businesses, who call us for urgent cockroach control support.

Cockroaches are resilient pests, and with a single egg typically containing 50 roaches, cockroach infestations grow rapidly, and early signs of a problem require immediate action.

Unfortunately, our homes, and commercial properties without preventative cockroach control measures in place, are essentially open to infestation from these resilient pests.

Not only do many people in the UK have a natural aversion to these pests, but able to spread salmonella and E-Coli disease, a cockroach problem in the home or business could pose a serious threat to families, the operation of your businesses, and the health of employees and customers.

At Key West, we treat calls for cockroach control services as the emergencies they are, providing a speedy, affordable, and effective solution, to homeowners, and keep businesses like yours driving forward, protected from infestation, supported by pest prevention specialists.

Cockroach control
Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control

Your Partner in Pest Prevention

“The Two P’s”, Prevention and Protection, underpin everything we do at Key West, which is why our approach to cockroach control, and commercial pest control on the whole, is centred around continuous preventative support.

We’re a partner in pest prevention, offering regular visits to your commercial property (or range of sites), to conduct frequent inspections, and deploy preventative maintenance and treatments, to strengthen your commercial properties’ defences against infestation, prevent pest activity, and safeguard your brand and reputation.

We believe the role of commercial pest control goes far beyond treating existing pest problems, it’s about preventing infestation, this week, the next, and into the future.

For many business types, cockroach control will only be required if the signs are spotted during one of our frequent inspections, as part of our greater service, preventing all pest activity across your commercial property. But for food businesses, or businesses with a food component, we make preventative cockroach measures a focus of your service.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control for Restaurants and Hotels

Cockroach problems are a common enemy for businesses working with food, and for these businesses, our cockroach control services, and continuous support, are a lifeline.

We support restaurants, and hotels with onsite restaurants/kitchens across the UK, to protect their establishments, employees, guests, and reputations.

As specialists in commercial pest control, we can also help you meet the pest-related regulations that govern your industry, to keep your business driving forward.

We help our restaurant clients maintain their excellent hygiene ratings, meet pest-related Food Safety Standards, food business legislation (The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995), and prevent pest activity across their properties to protect the health of employees and diners.

Beyond helping our hotel clients offer guests a pest-free night’s stay, and a tasty meal prepared in a pest-free kitchen, we help businesses like yours to meet your responsibility to manage pest activity across your establishment, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for hotel and accommodation owners and managers.


Cockroach Control

Experienced, Trusted, And Discreet Cockroach Control Services

Offering cockroach control services for over 20 years, we’ve seen and heard it all, and have tackled infestations at every size and scale. From our friendly and knowledgeable office team, to our skilled and experienced technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide the speedy resolution you need.

At Key West, we match the effectiveness of our treatments, with friendliness, professionalism, and absolute respect for your home and those inside it. We deliver a reactive, discreet, tidy, and speedy resolution, for an affordable price.

Considering DIY cockroach control methods? The effectiveness of commercially available DIY products varies enormously, and many require multiple treatments, accelerating the cost of your problem, and your frustrations. Knowledge goes a long way to successfully treating a pest problem, especially when it comes to resilient pests like roaches, and you’ll find opting for professional support is the quickest, and most cost effective, route to a speedy, stress-free solution