Is your commercial property plagued by nuisance birds? Don’t flap! With Key West’s commercial falconry bird scaring services, ridding your property of these pests could be easier, and more affordable, than you might assume.

Driven by their desire to gorge, if birds have targeted your property, it’s likely that you’re in a prime location, near to their preferred food source.

With an innate will to survive, to shelter from the hostile elements, and to protect their young, it’s hardly surprising these pests end up in places they are unwelcome.

Noisy, dirty and dangerous pests, a bird problem could risk seriously damaging your property, and pose a significant threat to public health.

Beyond carrying infections and diseases that can be contracted simply by breathing the air around them, their threat to public health extends to the mites and fleas aboard them, risking further infestation your property.

As if to max-out on the gross factor, their highly acidic guano (droppings), can destroy the structural integrity of the roofs and ledges of the properties they target. What’s worse, their droppings are also breeding sites for beetles, flies, and moths; none of which you want to find in your stockroom, meeting room, commercial kitchen, or elsewhere across your commercial property.

You see, falling victim to a bird problem could be expensive if left untreated by pest control professionals, with signage, solar panels and other expensive elements of your property left defenceless against their rancid droppings.

For employees, customers and all who visit a commercial property fouled by any amount of guano, health hazards are a very real possibility.

Commercial falconry bird scaring services

What can be done?

Thankfully, whatever the specifics of your bird problem, whatever the size, shape and location of your commercial property, there are a range of treatments available.

No matter the species, all birds, their eggs, and even their nests are protected by UK law, and while our entire range of bird treatment solutions comply with laws and regulations, falconry bird scaring is widely considered to be the most effective and humane.

Used when treatments such as spikes or netting are impractical or inappropriate, and causing no harm to the nuisance birds, regularly flying a bird of prey in their chosen location makes the site a far less attractive prospect to pesky pest birds, forcing them to find a new nesting site.

If your business is suffering from a nuisance bird problem, give us a call on 0330 031 5196. Our friendly and experienced staff will ask you a few questions, to establish the most appropriate treatment for your property, before sending out an experienced falconer to reinstate your pest-free status.

Commercial falconry bird scaring services

Falconry Bird Scaring Services

After a recent partnership with South Cave Falconry, Key West Pest Control are thrilled to offer professional, effective, and affordable falconry bird scaring services to all who need them.

Owner of South Cave Falconry, Peter O’Brien, has a long history of keeping birds of prey (starting at home before opening a visitor centre in 2013), and is a highly experienced falconer and conservationist.

Peter provides interactive experiences for the public, deploys “bird abatement” (falconry bird scaring), and works to protect birds of prey.

Poppy Wilson is a senior falconer at South Cave Falconry. After completing a degree in Animal Management and the Lantra Beginning Falconry Award, Poppy is committed to her role, and to the birds she looks after, both at the centre and at home.

Handling the day-to-day care and training of the centres’ birds, as well as display work, there’s not a lot that Poppy and Peter don’t know about birds of prey and deploying bird abatement services.

With the help of the majestic Casper, Luna and Icarus (the Harris Hawks used by South Cave Falconry for bird scaring treatments) this method of pest control is also truly a sight to see.

Time to reclaim your pest-free property? Call Key West today, for effective and affordable commercial falconry bird scaring services to prevent nuisance bird activity, and protect your commercial property, reputation, stock and staff. Put the squawking to an end, call 0330 031 5196.