Back in March 2020, when the UK was first plunged into lockdown, we launched our hugely popular Antibacterial Fogging Service, to help essential businesses navigate the risks of coronavirus across the workplace, and to help others re-open with confidence.

In response to the incredible success of this service, Key West Pest Control are pleased to launch our new commercial hygiene services company, Key West Hygiene Services.

Headed up by Key West CEO Sean McClean and co-director of Key West Hygiene Services, Karl Bradford, we are now able to offer a conclusive suite of commercial hygiene services, and antibacterial fogging services, to businesses across Yorkshire.

Commercial Hygiene Services Company

Commercial Hygiene Services Company

Just like our pest control business, Key West Hygiene Services are committed to providing a superior service for less, with value for money at the centre of everything we do.

Offering rolling fee, no fixed term contracts, whether you’re looking to increase hygiene standards across your premises, protect your people from the risk of coronavirus, or both, we guarantee a 100% tailored service at an affordable price.

For businesses with hygiene services already in place, we just might be able to beat the service you’re currently receiving, and even the price you’re paying. Give our team a call.

With a customer first approach, and a team of specialists able to deploy an extensive range of quality, tailored hygiene services to help your business meet regulations, uphold its reputation, and protect the health of its people, we’re more than a commercial hygiene services company, we’re a partner in commercial hygiene.

Commercial Hygiene Services Company

The Hygiene Services We Offer

Our tailored services span three categories: Washroom Services, Waste Management and Covid-19 Hygiene Services.

Key West Washroom Services cover every area of washroom hygiene, spanning AirCare, Hand Drying Services, Urinal Services, Soap Dispenser and Toilet Sanitiser Services, to Sanitary Bin Services, Baby Changing Services and Water Management Services.

These services help your business to meet Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992, and ensure your washroom reflects a positive image of your business to staff and visitors alike.

Waste Management Services are essential if businesses are to comply with regulations outlined in The Environmental Protection Act 1990, and our range of services in this area cover not only Sanitary Bin Services, but Hazardous Waste Management and Sharps Collection and Disposal too.

To fight the risk of coronavirus across workplaces of all kinds, the UK government introduced mandated hygiene measures for commercial businesses to uphold in order to protect staff and customers. Our final service category is dedicated to helping businesses like yours do just this, with the reassurance and protection provided by our antibacterial fogging treatment.

We’re here to provide your business with the upper hand, helping you to comply with regulations, raise hygiene standards across your commercial washroom, and provide a clean, hygienic environment for all, so your business can do what it does best.


Looking for a commercial hygiene services company?

Think Key West Hygiene, we make your commercial hygiene our business.