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At Key West, we’re a partner in pest prevention, and friends to facilities managers and business owners across Yorkshire and beyond, who rely on our services to prevent pest activity across their commercial properties.

We believe that the role of commercial pest control is not to merely tackle existing pest problems. We work with you to prevent infestations from occurring, protecting your property, or portfolio of commercial properties, from infestation, with preventative maintenance and treatments, on a continuous basis.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

A Superior Service Guaranteed

Our commercial pest control services are 100% tailored to your specific business, how it operates, your industry, your commercial property, location, and unique pest control requirements.

We work with clients on a flexible, rolling fee basis, and are committed to providing a service superior to our competitors in regard to level of service, priority and price, ensuring your business is given the attention it needs and deserves.

Our skilled technicians service clients across a huge range of commercial settings including traditional office buildings, warehouse settings (including freight, import and export etc), retail, hotels, restaurants, and beyond. We’re here to protect your commercial properties, stock, employees, customers, onsite visitors, and all-important reputation.

Property management company or a landlord looking for pest control support? We can help there too. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your portfolio, and the steps ahead.

Pest control for landlords
Commercial Pest Control
Commercial pest control

A Partner in Commercial Pest Control

As a true partner in pest control, your business’s pest-free policy is important to us, and our years of experience deploying our commercial services across all manner of industries, has given us a wealth of knowledge to help us maintain your pest-free status, whatever your business and industry.

Key West’s commercial pest control services offer the reassurance of routine visits to your premises for inspection, enabling our skilled technicians to catch the signs or risk of pest activity quickly, so we can deploy necessary preventative maintenance and treatments, to prevent infestation, and protect your business.

The specifics of your service are tailored, totally, to your unique business, and initially identified via a free pest control survey of your commercial property.

This is where our relationship begins, and where we learn how to best serve your business, enabling us to identify the required frequency of visits, any existing ingress points or signs of pest infestation we see, and the likely nature of our future treatments and approach. Enquire about our free pest control survey today.

Commercial pest control

Prevent and Protect

At Key West, The Two P’s” underpin everything we do, including our approach to our commercial pest control services.

Prevention: Preventing pest activity with preventative maintenance and treatments.
Protection: Safeguarding your business, people and reputation.

Should it be a little too late for prevention, and you’ve uncovered a pest problem across your commercial premises, rest assured that our skilled technicians can handle all manner of pest problems, at any size and scale.

Need an urgent call out? Whether your premises has become home to crawling, furry, or flying pests, we can help.

Commercial pest control

Trusted Pest Control for Businesses

At Key West, we understand that when it comes to pest control for your business, you need a trusted, reliable partner – specialists – who can simply handle it, enabling you and your business to do what you do best. At Key West, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We are a highly experienced partner in pest prevention, steadfast in our dedication to delivering services inline with the legal pest control-related requirements that govern our industry, and with knowledge to help your businesses meet those of yours. Our professionalism, unequivocal. Your business, in safe hands.

Too Late for Prevention?

Have you seen signs of a pest problem in your commercial properties? Think you’ve got a full blown infestation? We offer urgent call outs to help your business keep driving forward.

For businesses with a small commercial property, while it could be tempting to try DIY methods, commercially available DIY pest control products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and usually require multiple treatments.

This unnecessarily increases the cost of your commercial pest problem, your frustrations, and prolonging your pest-related predicament.

In every case, using an experienced, professional commercial pest control provider, is the safest bet for a speedy solution.