From huge fashion brands with extensive warehouse and distribution centres, to organisations in the medical industry and beyond, at Key West, we provide commercial pigeon clearing services to a host of commercial clients across a huge range of diverse industries.

We provide our pigeon clearing and guano removal service to large numbers of businesses every year, to ensure their commercial properties are not only pigeon free, but safe and sanitary places for staff and customers.

While Wildlife Legislation protects all birds, it classifies pigeons as “Pest Birds”. This means they’re able to be treated by Pest Controllers, however Animal Welfare laws still apply. With these laws varying across the UK, tackling pigeon problems alone, is something we passionately discourage.

Working with Pest Control companies like us, you can be sure that the problem will be treated safely, and according to the latest laws and regulations.

What’s the risk?

Posing a huge risk to public health, pigeons carry deadly diseases that are fatally damaging to the lungs and gut of a human. Psittacosis and Avian ‘flu are two such deadly diseases, as well as infections such as Salmonella and E. coli.

These diseases and infections can be contracted without even touching the pigeon itself, simply coming into contact with surfaces they’ve touched and contaminated, or even breathing the air around them, can be enough to spread their deadly pesty plague.

Unfortunately, their threat to public health doesn’t stop there. Infested with bird mites and bird fleas, Pigeons further infest the properties they claim. This doubles the threat to staff and customers working in and visiting the commercial building, creates a wider-spread pest problem across the property, and a much bigger job for pest control professionals like us.

Highly acidic, pigeon guano can destroy the structural integrity of roofs, and damage solar panels and signage etc. With beetles, flies and moths breeding in pigeon droppings, (some of these pests capable of spreading deadly diseases themselves), commercial properties fouled by any volume of pigeon guano could pose a risk to those inside and around the building with their droppings causing major health hazards for humans.

Additionally, their nesting materials of feathers, twigs and other debris cause blockages in pipes and draining systems, damaging the property further.

At Key West Pest Control, we can take care of all things pigeon related across your commercial property. From safely and humanely clearing the pests themselves, to the removal and thorough cleaning of guano and debris, to treating the pest problems caused by the infested Pigeons, if your business has a pigeon problem, think Key West Pest Control.

Commercial pigeon clearing services

My commercial building has a pigeon problem. What can be done?

Unsure of the particular service you need for the size, scale and nature of the problem you’re experiencing? Explore the section below to learn about our range of commercial pigeon clearing services.

Pigeon proofing solutions

Our bird netting solution is one we regularly deploy for our commercial clients.

Harmless yet effective, our netting systems, installed by skilled Key West pest control technicians, deter pigeons from landing and roosting on your property. Easy for us to erect and take down, our netting service can be used as a permanent solution or a temporary, seasonal one.

Whatever area of your commercial building the pigeons have claimed, netting solutions are versatile and adaptable enough to be used in almost any area, horizontally, or vertically, large area, or small.

A similar solution, but one that’s a little more robust, is our wire solution. A more long-term solution than our netting service, and an industry standard pigeon proofing solution, these devices are usually deployed on solid flat surfaces, and are almost undetectable to the eye when used at the top of commercial buildings.

This solution is an effective deterrent to pigeons landing and roosting on your property. Our specialist pest control technicians are experienced in deploying this solution, and it’s more complex installation.

Also available, is our bird point service. Whilst this spikey solution might look somewhat aggressive, it’s actually a harmless, effective and simple way to deter landing and roosting birds.

The gentle, blunt, spring loaded spikes make it impossible for the birds to rest, and can be used to protect a wide range of areas across commercial properties.

A set and forget solution, the spikes or points are unaffected by the elements, and so last for a great many years.

Our final pigeon proofing solution is bird gel. A fascinating treatment, the gel tricks the pigeons’ senses.

To the eyes of these pests, bird gel sends out an ultra-violet shimmer, much like a flame, which deters them from landing on commercial properties. Pigeons hate being light underfoot, and when applied properly, by pest control professionals like Key West, the gel makes it hard for them to balance.

The gel is also foul tasting, and clings to their feathers, making cleaning a revolting feat for the pigeons.

To select the pigeon proofing solution right for your business and commercial property, give our friendly team a call. Both our technicians, and our office team are trained to provide the best pest control advice.

Pigeon guano removal

To immediately improve the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building, tackle threat to public health, and to maintain the structural integrity of your roof, building and signage, we can tackle the removal of Pigeon guano.

The health hazards caused by pigeon guano can lead to Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis, and Histoplasmosis, which is why our guano removal service includes the thorough sterilisation of all surfaces with Biocide.

What about bird scaring solutions?

Birds of prey

With our very own birds of prey, we use the Harris Hawk and Saker Falcon to deter nesting birds. Used purely as a deterrent, and never to catch the nuisance pigeons, regularly flying these birds over a site infested with pigeons, instils in them that this is territory of the Hawk/Falcon, and not a safe area to roost or colonise.

All Key West technicians are well trained in this area of pest control and have an extensive knowledge of nuisance birds and how best to deter them.

Audio bird scaring

This is another effective and curious solution for controlling pigeons. The sounds of birds of prey are played through a sound system, at random times during the day, with varying lengths of audio played. This is another deterrent to roosting pigeons, for whom territory is a matter of safety.

Visual bird scaring

Often used in conjunction with the audio service, our visual bird scaring solution consists of a telescopic pole, line and kite resembling a hawk.

When installed properly by pest control professionals, this is a highly effective solution, with the hawk kite scaring and deterring pigeons by constantly hovering and weaving, much like the real thing.

A 24/7 solution that is easy to install across a wide range of commercial properties, this credible threat to pigeons and other pest birds could be just what you need.

For full, effective, commercial pigeon clearing services, at an affordable price, call Key West. Call today on 0800 195 3464 or fill in the contact form below.

Does your organisation have a number of commercial properties? Book a free pest audit from Key West today. How pest proof are your commercial buildings?

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