The pandemic may have brought an end to the traditional 9-5 rat race, but take it from us, the race against the UK’s rat population is on!

You may have sent your employees home, but is the office really empty?

Do your skeleton staff have unwanted visitors across the workplace?

Is your commercial building at risk of infestation? Most likely!

Commercial rat infestations

The Rise in Commercial Rat Infestations

With businesses doing all they can to save money at this difficult time, pressing pause on crucial business services such as pest control, commercial rat infestations are on the rise.

The British Pest Control Association have reported a 41% increase in rat activity since lockdown began, and commercial spaces sitting empty, or used less regularly, are common hotspots.

As footfall in our towns/cities plummeted and our restaurants closed, the supply of food waste usually available to these rodents radically decreased, driving them towards commercial spaces.

Your office draws don’t need to have been left crammed full of goodies, your shop shelves left fully stocked, or your hairdressers hiding all manner of culinary treats, these creatures will eat almost anything, and go to great lengths to gain entry to the feast.

That’s right! If there’s cables to chew, they’ll munch right through them! Even computer keyboards present no challenge to rats.

Gaining entry in all manner of ways, these creatures are resilient in their pursuit of shelter.

Finding their way inside via air vents, bathroom pipes and toilets, and a whole host of possible ingress points across your commercial property, prevention is key to strengthening your property’s defences against infestation.

At Key West, we work closely with businesses of all kinds, scheduling regular visits with our clients to deploy preventative maintenance, protecting their properties from infestation on an ongoing basis.

But what if it’s too late for prevention?

Commercial rat infestations

The Risks of Commercial Rat Infestations

Breeding at an alarming rate, sending the current estimate of the UK’s rat population to well over 150 million, a commercial rat infestation could be disastrous.

But what are the risks for your business?

Leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go, recovering from a sizeable rat infestation is often costly!

For those properties left standing empty, and not receiving regular pest control visits, this risk is exacerbated, as untreated rat infestations can lead to untold damage.

We’ve known large office buildings to need a complete re-wire, workplaces that needed to replace bathroom plumbing, and even seen properties suffer structural damage as a result of these rodents and their gnawing incisors.

We’re also seeing pest problems that were managed closely and carefully, before operations were disturbed by the lockdown, suddenly explode behind closed doors.

For businesses operating with a skeleton staff, or for those essential businesses with a full workforce, the risks of a commercial rat infestation are far greater.

Posing a serious health risk, at a time when public health hangs in the balance, a rat infestation could put your most precious assets at great risk.

The workplace should be a sanitary and pest-free environment for all, and failing to provide this could lead to not only a disgruntled workforce, but to reputational damage, should an employee take to social platforms sharing news of your furry visitors far and wide!

Have a quick Google. Journalists love nothing more than a good rat story, and they don’t think twice when it comes to naming businesses exposing their employees to the related risks of a commercial pest problem.

What can you do if your commercial property has suffered a lockdown infestation?

Commercial rat infestations

Commercial Pest Control Services

If your commercial property has been standing empty throughout the pandemic, speak to the Key West team to arrange a free survey today.

Don’t wait for any nasty surprises when you decide to re-open your doors to employees and customers.

Featuring a thorough assessment of your property, checking for signs of infestations of any kind, our surveys are carried out by our experienced technicians who compile a report detailing identified ingress points across your property, preventative maintenance we feel you should make to strengthen your defences, and more.

Should we uncover an infestation of any kind, our technicians can help you reclaim your pest-free status quickly and affordably.

Employees reporting furry visitors? Had a pesty sighting? Call Key West today.

Offering rolling fee contracts with no fixed terms, and providing a 100% tailored service at a fraction of the price of our competitors, we can help!


Remember, prevention is key. Work with Key West to protect your business from commercial infestations today, and every day, for less.