To fight the risk of coronavirus across workplaces of all kinds, the UK government introduced mandated hygiene measures for commercial businesses to uphold in order to protect staff and customers. While some have opted for traditional deep cleaning services, or settled for a simple high touch point clean, many have sought to accelerate their coronavirus hygiene measures.

Enter Key West!

Far superior to a traditional deep clean, our Antibacterial Mist Treatments fight the risk with cold hard science! Containing Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus, this treatment kills the virus dead on all hard surfaces across the workspace. We’re thrilled with the interest we’ve received.

Since national lockdown began, we have offered commercial businesses the opportunity to book a series of these treatments (which includes a high touch point clean), to help them manage the risk across their workplaces on an ongoing basis, for total peace of mind.

We continue to deploy this treatment across offices, warehouses, factories, retail outlets and a whole host of commercial settings.

coronavirus hygiene measures

Our Work for Digital Marketing Agency Ascensor

Having moved into a purpose-designed office just before the country was plunged into lockdown, Ascensor wanted to display their duty of care to their employees, and show their commitment to providing a safe space in order to encourage employees back to the workplace.

While remote working helped Ascensor maintain operations throughout lockdown, Director Andy Firth missed the dynamic atmosphere he was used to across the office, and was keen for his employees to return to workplace as quickly and as safely as possible.

Keen to reassure the business’s greatest assets, its people, Ascensor have gone above and beyond the typical coronavirus hygiene measures, such as hand sanitiser and the implementation of social distancing, in two key ways.

  1. Ascensor came to Key West to book a series of Antibacterial Mist Treatments across their brand-new two-story office building in Leeds, opting for one treatment per month.
  2. They even went as far as to hire an external Health & Safety specialist to ensure all work was COSHH Compliant.

Of course, it was.

What is COSHH Compliance?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health was introduced in 2002 and is a law that requires employers to control substances across the workplace that are hazardous to health.

COSHH law applies to all businesses utilising/producing hazardous substances, and those transporting hazardous substances to and from commercial premises (like us), making them accountable for preventing exposure to, or controlling, hazardous substances.

For suppliers like Key West, the products we use and the way in which we deploy Antibacterial Mist Treatments must be COSHH compliant and align with legislation and requirements.

At Key West, we are compliant with all the regulations which govern our industry, and all health and safety measures to protect both our staff and those of our commercial clients.

coronavirus hygiene measures

Controlling Hazardous Substances

With a Hygiene Services team headed up by Karl Bradford, our Hygiene Specialist, we are staunch in our management of risk throughout the entire extent of our operations.

When it comes to COSHH law, Control is deemed adequate when the risk of harm from exposure is “as low as is reasonably practicable”, and below the Workplace Exposure Limit, where one exists.

For organisations exposed to or transporting hazardous substances, (that’s both Ascensor and Key West), there are three key areas of consideration:

Control Equipment:

Control Equipment can range from ventilation and extraction systems, to respiratory protective equipment (RPE), and PPE, to name a few.

Ways of Working:

Control through Ways of Working includes operating procedures, supervision, and training. This includes emergency procedures, decontamination, and the thorough testing of all control measures.

Worker Behaviour:

Necessary to ensure the requirements in the two sections above, Worker Behaviour includes wearing necessary PPE, using control equipment, and following hygiene procedures.

Filling Out a COSHH Assessment

Before we deploy our Antibacterial Mist Treatments, we fill out a COSHH Assessment, detailing:

  1. Information about substances, the work and related working practises.
  2. The risks, on a group or individual basis (dependent on scale of the risk)
  3. The necessary measures to control/prevent exposure, maintain controls, use controls, plan for emergencies, monitor exposure, and safeguard health.
  4. The elements requiring review, and when they are to be reviewed.

coronavirus hygiene measures

Filling Out a Method Statement

We also fill out a Method Statement. These detailed documents enable us to communicate:

  1. The task we intend to deploy
  2. Client/Customer detail
  3. Premises details
  4. How long the job will take and the date it will be carried out
  5. Equipment that will be used
  6. Confirmation of COSHH sheet for the products used
  7. The key risks of the treatment
  8. Confirmation that training has been provided to our staff, and the specific training provided
  9. Personal protection details
  10. General safety points
  11. Special arrangements
  12. Detailed point-by-point method of the work we will deploy, from arriving on site, to the treatment itself.

Safety Data Sheets

In order to be COSHH Compliant, suppliers like Key West must also provide businesses with additional safety data sheets for substances deemed “dangerous”. We provide a safety data sheet for the Biorid Disinfectant utilised in our Antibacterial Mist Treatments.

These safety data sheets are incredibly detailed and include:

  • Product name
  • Identified uses
  • Supplier details, address, and emergency telephone number
  • Hazardous identification
  • Detailed information ingredients of the product
  • Detailed descriptions of first aid measures
  • Firefighting methods
  • Accidental release measures
  • Handling and storage
  • Exposure controls and personal protection required to utilise the product.
  • Detailed account of all physical and chemical properties.
  • Stability and reactivity details
  • Toxicological information
  • Ecological information
  • Disposal considerations
  • Transport information
  • Regulatory information
  • Other information, including all safety statements and legal disclaimers.

coronavirus hygiene measures

Our Process – The Peace of Mind Ascensor Were Looking For

Once the risk has been assessed, the method statement complete, and with the safety data sheets at hand, we send these to the commercial client ahead of the treatment.

Upon deploying Antibacterial Mist Treatments, we adhere to a strict and safe process to ensure the safety of all individuals, both in the business we are visiting, and in our own team of hygiene professionals.

Certain elements of this process may change, dependent on the type of workplace we are treating, however, that which we detail below has been typical of the many Antibacterial Mist Treatments we’ve deployed for commercial clients.

In our initial treatment for Ascensor, we arrived onsite and informed the client’s representative that we were present and ready to begin.

Once we were granted permission to proceed, we made sure that all our team members were familiar with the risk assessment and method statement, and understood the floor plan of the buildings and the work to be done.

Making our way to the rooms we were treating (which we do so directed by management and security professionals exclusively), with the equipment that would be used to deploy the treatment, we carried out all pre-work checks on all our equipment.

We then informed the manager/security person showing us around the building, that the room would need to be kept empty for 2-3 hours after the treatment, to allow the spray to dry, and informed them when we were ready to begin the treatment.

With our trained operatives having checked to see that all areas we were due to treat had been Vacated, we mixed the Biorid Disinfectant solution, the heart of our Antibacterial Mist Treatment.

Placing warning signs at the exit and entry points of the spaces receiving the treatment, our team ensured each operative was clear of the protocol if spillages were to occur, to ensure an immediate clean-up in light of such a situation.

Adorning extensive PPE in the form of hazmat suits and gloves (every inch of us is covered), we covered all computer screens with plastic bags, and ran a final search to ensure all workplace equipment was protected before the treatment began.

Before misting, we completed our high touch point clean across areas such as desks, light switches, door handles and chairs. – And to think, this simple but important preliminary clean is the extent of coronavirus hygiene measures some businesses have adopted.

Finally, we evenly sprayed the entire room and corridor area, and returned to reception once the treatment was complete.

Before leaving the premises, we filled out a report, had a representative sign it and file it on site, and once we updated our digital app, we returned to our vehicle following the correct route.

Think Key West Hygiene Services

After completing our initial treatment, and with an ongoing schedule of treatments in place, Director of Ascensor, Andy Firth, said

“The majority of our team are now back working in the office and the buzz has returned back to the company.”

For the full covid-19 hygiene package to give your business the upper hand, and to manage the risk of coronavirus across your workplace, call our friendly team today.

Don’t treat mandated coronavirus hygiene measures as a tick box, do it right, with Key West.

Customers of our Antibacterial Mist Treatments can now take advantage our new PPE Disposal Service! Encourage mask wearing across the workplace, and trust in us to safely remove the discarded PPE. This must be arranged prior to your misting treatment.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business to protect its people across the workplace.