We’ve had many a call from distressed homes across the country complaining of cockroach problems, with homeowners shocked that the UK is home to roaches at all. In this blog, we’ll explore how to prevent cockroach activity in the home, look at the signs of a roachy infestation and how to treat one. Found cockroaches in your house? Read on!

There are in fact three species of these little nasties prevalent in UK homes, the Oriental, German and Brown-banded Cockroach.

More common than often assumed, until they’re discovered in our houses that is, there were in fact 1000 cases of cockroach infestations in Southwark London alone in 2015!

Why? Well, there are no natural predators in our homes to wipe them out, they reproduce rapidly and in huge numbers, our homes feature a wide range of hiding places and some species show resistance to chemical pesticides.

Tricky to treat without professional help, and both carrying and spreading Salmonella and E-Coli disease, they’re far from the best option for a pesty house-share.

Cockroaches? Argh! How do I keep them out of the house?

Associated with warmer climates and foreign destinations, travel is very likely how cockroaches came to be here in the UK.

To prevent roaches in your home, when holidaying, be sure to store your suitcase in a place that roaches would find difficult to reach.

Be vigilant when packing. Before you begin filling your case with your clothes, inspect your case for any signs of pest activity. Cockroach eggs can be seen by the naked eye and typically contain 50 roaches.  – You don’t want to be bringing these home.

When returning home from holiday, hoover your suitcase once you’re unpacked, and empty the hoover outside afterwards.

To protect your abode from an invasion of cockroaches, keep doors and windows closed, and maintain a good standard of hygiene across the property.

Fix any areas of disrepair across your home that could be letting roaches inside and fix any leaking pipes. Cockroaches, while able to go up to two weeks without water, enter our homes in search of whatever roachy beverage they can take advantage of. Moist and damp areas are flashing neon welcome signs for these scrounging critters.

Store food in tight, sealed containers, and if you must leave food out, ensure it’s covered. Clean spilled liquids thoroughly, and be sure to remove all food debris, no matter how small, from counters and under appliances. You’ve got to starve the nasties.

Refrain from purchasing second-hand electrical equipment and kitchen appliances, as this is a very common way to transfer this kind of pest from one home to another.

Be sure to dispose of waste promptly and remove storage from the home. Waste will attract the roaches, and storage boxes and resting clutter are the perfect homes for these pests.

Due to the aggressive pheromone in their droppings which tells other roaches that they’ve found sound shelter, you really don’t want to make it easy for them to make their home in yours.

Found cockroaches in your house


Where in the home could they be? What are the signs?

There are four clear signs of a cockroach infestation.

Roaches have a distinctive and unusual smell which lingers in the air and taints items that the roaches have come into contact with.

In areas of the home where water is available to them, the roaches will produce smear marks on horizontal surfaces and at the base and corner joints of walls.

Look out for their cylindrical droppings, which are approximately 2mm long.

Finally, as if to try and max out on the gross factor, roaches shed their skins. Find a shed skin, and it’s likely you’ve found where they’re sheltering too.

As nocturnal creatures, if you find any of the above signs of a roach infestation in your home, you might have to go on a hunt to find where in the house they’re sheltering.

During the night, arm yourself with a torch, an implement in which to poke around with, and a mirror to look into hard to see places. Remember, cockroaches like tight spaces. Head to the tight corners of your home, behind the fridge, under the cooker, in drains, cracks in baseboard, and the base and corner joints of walls.

Pipes, ducts, areas of disrepair across the property, garages and outhouses could all be home to uninvited roachy guests.

Kitchens and laundry rooms are another key area to check. Cupboards under sinks, or anywhere where plumbing enters through walls or floors leading to appliances, are often where cockroaches will be lurking.

Similarly, bathroom plumbing and even areas simply prone to condensation are also areas to add to your roach hunt itinerary.

They’re already here – How do I get them out of the house?

When it comes to effectively eradicating a cockroach infestation, DIY products and house keeping exercises will only help so much. Many of the house keeping exercises we’ve already covered above in the first main section of this blog.

If you’ve found cockroaches in your house, you’ll save time and money by calling simply Key West, should you think you have a problem.

However, If you’d like to try and reduce the infestation somewhat yourself, there are a great many products online that you might chose to use.

Sticky roach traps might be useful for a small-scale problem. We use these ourselves to determine the scale of the infestation at hand. Sadly, they won’t help to control larger infestations. – Remember how many roaches come from a single egg?

Bait stations can also be very effective, they can come with a hefty price tag to boot and can be very dangerous if used incorrectly and in the wrong conditions. Children and animals must be kept away from these products at all costs.

At Key West, we’re committed to providing the best pest control service at the best price. Arriving on time, and on budget. Save time stressing and wasting money on ineffective DIY treatments, get in touch today.

For full, effective cockroach treatments, at an affordable price, call Key West. We’ll have your home pest-free in no time. Our friendly team are at hand to answer any question you might have.

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