As people, our hygiene says a great deal about us, and the same is true of our homes and businesses. What does your washroom say about your business? With Key West Hygiene Services, you can ensure that your washroom reflects positively on your business, symbolising the care you have for your employees and their work environment.

Grotesque to recall and more so to write, we’ve all been there – entering a washroom where the smell alone is enough to make you “hold it” until you’re home.

In our workplaces however, the dead hand dryer and missing toilet paper, absent hand soap, and seemingly secret sanitary bins are a thing of the past, thanks to the hygiene standards businesses must meet.

All businesses based in office environments must comply with regulations stipulating the crucial hygiene services that must be provided to employees.

Helping businesses reflect these kinds of values, in the standards of hygiene they hold, commercial hygiene services are about much more than laws and regulations.

Key West Hygiene Services

But what are the regulations?

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a duty of care upon organisations, to ensure that all hazardous waste produced on-site is correctly managed, removed and disposed of.

At Key West, our hygiene specialists are experienced industry professionals who you can trust to take care of the effective and safe removal of all waste produced on-site.

100% compliant in our delivery of these services, we’ll take care of everything, including Waste Transfer Notes, that for the uninitiated, can be confusing and frustrating compliance.

Regulation 21 of The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992, states that businesses employing any number of female workers must provide suitable means for the disposal of sanitary products.

1992! Shocking it took so long, we know, but this is why these services are so important. Though your employees themselves might give little thought to the workplace washroom, if they are provided one without necessary means of washing, drying, and missing services such as sanitary bins, they could begin to feel undervalued and disengaged with their work environment.

As though to answer this, The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations also stipulate that washrooms must include soap, sanitisers and other suitable means of cleaning. Air dyers, or other means of drying, such as paper dispensers, as well as toilet roll holders/dispensers, are also necessary provisions.

The more technical and perhaps less obvious regulations detail that every workplace must be ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh of purified air, and actions taken to prevent odours lingering or entering rooms outside of the washroom.

Finally, it’s also stipulated that every pipe supplying water to a flushing system, or trough used to flush a urinal, should be fitted with a flow shut-off device, or water management system, controlled by a time switch and lockable shut-off valve.

Key West Hygiene Services are 100% compliant with laws and regulations and deployed by experienced hygiene specialists.

Key West Hygiene Services

What are our hygiene services?

Key West’s hygiene services include the safe removal and disposal of hygienic waste, which can be carried out without disturbance to your day. Simply establish a tailored rota with our hygiene specialists for a discrete service at a time convenient to you.

This also applies to the removal of waste from the sanitary bins we supply and service, as well as our nappy disposal bins. The baby changing tables, seats and dispensers we supply are designed to meet the strictest safety standards.

We provide hand soap, sanitiser and dispensers (including seat sanitisers and dispensers), to reduce the risk of illness and the spread of germs, helping to ensure a healthy, happy workforce.

Of course, we supply and service hand dryers too, to ensure a dry, clean and hygienic washroom. We’ve all visited bathrooms with unresponsive hand dryers, and the result is the accumulation of little pools of water across floors and surfaces, produced throughout the day. With high-quality products and vigilant servicing, you can count on Key West’s hygiene services to see right by your washroom, business and employees.

For male bathrooms/cubicles, we provide urinal mats. Whilst likely a proportionately smaller consideration for businesses, these are a crucial item to consider amongst your hygiene services mix. Helping to deodorise, prevent blockages and crystallisation in the pipes of the urinal, and reduce the build-up of bacteria, urinal mats are a must-have for commercial washrooms.

Our ventilation and air freshening services help your washroom to retain a fresh and clean smell, and establish the desired first impression of your business. Providing air purification solutions to reduce germs, the servicing of air fresheners to ensure they’re never empty, and ventilation systems to control odour, these services also help you comply with strict associated regulations.

Finally, the supply and servicing of water management systems can help your organisation save thousands of litres of water and reduce maintenance overheads. That’s a rather enormous hidden benefit in this age of sustainability.

These services are managed and deployed by Karl Bradford, a highly experienced hygiene specialist, and our Director of Hygiene Services at Key West.

Giving you the peace of mind that your obligation to your employees is met, direct communication with a reactive and responsive hygiene specialist working to support you, and enabling your businesses to do what it does best, think Key West Hygiene Services.

Think Key West Hygiene Services, for all of your washroom requirements. Our team of friendly and experienced staff are at hand to help. 0800 195 3464