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For many, mice are up there in the top 2 least favourable pest problems to encounter in the home or business. A widespread aversion to these pests makes a mouse problem in the home or business an emergency, and our mice control services, a life line.

Finding their way inside kitchen cupboards and appliances, lofts, attics, eaves, basements cellars, and cavity walls, through the tiny cracks and holes, utility lines, vents and more, no UK home, or business without mice control measures in place, is safe from infestation.

Scurrying bacterial spreaders, almost compulsive urinators leaving dry, crusty, yellow patches, and distinctive urine pillars (a combination of grease, hair, dirt, and urine) behind them, and known to spread Salmonella and Listeria to humans, mice pose a serious health risk to those across your home, or staff and customers across your commercial premises. For food and hospitality businesses this health and hygiene risk could have disastrous consequences.

These nocturnal pests are also mighty destructive, capable of causing thousands and thousands of pounds worth of damage with their ever-growing teeth. Nibbling through entire writing systems, pipes, causing structural damage, and destroying belongings or business stock, they’re a home or business owner’s nightmare. This is noisy work. Making relaxing at home after a hard day, or providing a workplace for careful thought, impossible.

Our mice control services protect properties, the health of families, staff and customers, belongings or product/stock, and all important brand reputations, and include preventive maintenance and advice to help secure your property, and strengthen its defences against future infestation.

Mice Control
Mice Control
Mice Control


At Key West, “The Two P’s”: Prevention and Protection, underpin everything we do, including our approach to commercial pest control.

While our commercial mice control services can be a reactive solution, we understand that prevention is the best cure, and so we work with you, on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your premises (or range of sites), to deploy preventative maintenance and treatments to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so business-halting infestations of any kind need never occur.

Of course, mouse prevention is only one piece of a much larger, 100% tailored solution. We put your business, its operations, your premises, its location, and the specific pest related risks it faces, at the centre of our service, to find the optimal pest prevention solution for your unique business.

Mice Control


For food and beverage businesses, businesses storing and transporting these goods, and accommodation businesses, we make mice control a focus of your service.

Our support helps F&B, and hospitality businesses to defend against the very real hygiene risks posed by these unhygienic pests (and their ability to spread Hantavirus & Salmonellosis), and to secure properties, and product/stock from infestation.

In short, our mice control, and wider specialist support, helps to ensure “that review”, of a serious case of food poisoning, or a pesty encounter in one of your accommodation properties, is never written. And offers the confidence that specialists are working to protect your business, and help it thrive, undisturbed by pest activity.

Beyond preventative maintenance and pest control treatments, we can help food businesses to meet pest-related Food Safety Standards, and The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995, and help hospitality businesses to meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for the industry.

Mouse Control


Providing residential mice control services for over 20 years, we’ve tackled infestations at every size and scale. So, rest assured, we’ve seen and heard it all. From our friendly office team, to our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide you with a speedy solution to your pest problem.

At Key West, we match the effectiveness of our treatments, with friendliness, professionalism, and respect for your home and family. We’re committed to delivering an urgent, discreet, tidy, stress-free resolution, at a competitive price.

Considering DIY mice control methods? When it comes to commercially available DIY products, not everything you need to know is written on the packaging. In fact, knowledge goes a long way to providing a swift solution. What’s more, DIY methods vary in effectiveness, accelerating the cost of your mouse problem, and maxing out on your frustrations. In every case, professional help is the most effective solution.

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