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For many, the words “moth infestation” are enough to send a shiver through their bones, so when moth problems strike in the home or business, moth control services like ours are a lifeline.

Clothes moth and carpet moth problems in the home are most often inherited, via pre-loved clothing, textiles, and thrifty interior finds. Even a trip to the supermarket could let a pantry moth problem loose in your home. At Key West, we’re here to deliver you a speedy, effective, and affordable solution.

Businesses without preventative pest control measures in place could be caught out in the same way, via your well meaning employee’s new vintage threads, or via second hand furniture finds for the workplace. For others, like the textile and clothing manufacturers, and food businesses, who rely on our preventative moth control measures, and pest control support, a moth problem could be devastating.

Our services offer homeowners an urgent, affordable, and highly effective solution to residential moth problems, and help to keep businesses driving forward, protecting commercial properties, employees, customers, stock/assets, and all important reputations.

Moth Control
Moth Control
Moth Control


At Key West, we understand that prevention is the best cure, and believe that the role of a commercial pest control provider like us, goes far beyond merely treating existing infestations.

For most business types, moth control services will only be required if the signs of activity are identified, during frequent scheduled pest inspections, where pest activity in all forms, is monitored and managed by experienced, accredited pest control providers.

We work with businesses like yours on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your premises, or range of sites, to deploy preventative maintenance and treatments to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so business-halting infestations of any kind need never occur.

Beyond deploying preventative maintenance, and work like our moth control services, we can also help you meet the pest-related legislation that governs your industry, to keep your business driving forward.

We also help your business meet pest-related legislation mandatory for all UK businesses, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, help food businesses to meet pest-related Food Safety Standards, and The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995, help hospitality businesses to meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for the industry, and beyond.

Moth Control


In the textile industry? Are you a clothing manufacturer or fashion retailer? We support businesses like yours with moth control measures, and a suite of tailored pest control services, to protect you from clothes and carpet moth problems, and infestations of all kinds.

Pantry moths are a common problem for food businesses, businesses with a food component, and food retail businesses, businesses like yours, who we support to remain pest-free, helping to protect your premises, staff, customers, end consumers, stock/product and reputation.

At Key West, we offer services 100% tailored to your specific business, its operations, industry, premises location, and the likely pest problems you’re most likely to encounter.

So, whether you’re a textile and clothing manufacturer, fashion retailer, food business, or involved in the storing and transportation of food or textiles, we combine rigorous moth control measures, with the perfect blend of further pest control services, to find the optimal approach to pest prevention for your business.

Moth Control


Offering residential moth control services for over 20 years, we’ve seen and heard it all, and have tackled infestations at every size and scale. From our friendly and knowledgeable office team, to our skilled and experienced technicians, ours are empathetic ears, ready to provide you with a speedy solution.

At Key West, you’ll find we match the effectiveness of our treatments, with friendliness, professionalism, and a respect for your home and family. We deliver an urgent, discreet, tidy, stress-free resolution, for an affordable price.

Considering DIY moth control methods? The effectiveness of commercially available DIY pest control products varies enormously, and many of these products require multiple treatments, accelerating the cost of your problem, and your frustrations. Knowledge also goes a long way to successfully treating a pest problem, and you’ll find opting for professional support is the quickest, and most cost effective, route to a speedy, stress-free solution.

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