Moth Fogging Treatments
(Retail): A Case Study

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Moth Fogging Treatment at a Large Retail Store in the Midlands

Key West Pest Control were contacted by a global commercial real estate service partner, to survey a large retail store following reports of a suspected moth infestation arising in the clothes department and spreading around the store.

For this particular store (one of a national brand, who sell high-value items in their inventory, with outlets across the country) a Clothes Moth problem could be devastating.

As their name suggests, clothes moths like fabrics and textiles, and for this brand, with a store filled with designer clothing and home fabrics/furnishings, this particular pest problem could lead to financial loss due to damaged products, and reputational loss in the guise of disgruntled customers, or negative press in major news titles. There was a lot at stake.

Feedback on Moth Fogging

We would just like to take the time to thank you for last week. Everything went very smoothly, and I’m really impressed with the detail you guys have gone to!

Store Maintenance Manager

Moth fogging
Moth Fogging
Moth Fogging

Enter Key West, and our Moth Fogging Treatment

We attended the premises within 48 hours, when the store was closed and free of customers and staff. Our technicians began by conducting a pest control inspection, before compiling and scheduling a programme of hour-long moth fogging treatments, to begin at the earliest opportunity.

Our office team at Key West HQ liaised with operational staff at the retail premises, to schedule a convenient time for the first treatment to take place, and sent over Risk Assessment Method Statements in advance of our visit.

Of course, our skilled technicians worked to ensure that our treatments were carried out in a safe manner (in line with the regulations which govern our industry), with minimal impact to the store, and its operations.

Moth fogging

Our Moth Fogging Treatment

Key West Technicians, Craig and Sean, attended the premises, after hours, to thoroughly and effectively treat the breeding sites, and mist areas around the store.

During the first visit, our technicians also installed a mating disruption system, which functions by attracting male moths to the dust in the system, leaving the male moth appearing and smelling like a female, which disturbs and reduces breeding.

In our extensive experience, these systems have proven to be highly effective in the eradication of moth infestations in commercial settings such as this, and with moth fogging treatments, and the help of moth detection equipment, which we installed to monitor the store on an on-going basis, we helped to strengthen the store’s defences against moth infestation.


Moth Fogging


We deployed 3 treatments in total, spaced weeks apart, and successfully removed the moth infestation, right across the premises.

Key West sent reports and detailed records of the three moth fogging treatments, and findings from our inspections, to the managing agent, who shared it with the entire network of stores across the country who may be experiencing similar issues, to help them identify issues early, before damage is caused.

Key West continue to support this client, and the brand at this particular premises, with regular visits to install and monitor moth detectors, and to inspect the property for early signs of infestation of all kinds.

All details of the work we deploy is recorded electronically, and sent to stakeholders in real time by our technicians, to provide them with personalised, accurate records of their pest-free status.