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Multi Site Pest Control Services and Support


As specialists in commercial pest control, we support businesses like yours to prevent pest activity across each of your commercial properties, to keep your business driving forward, and to protect the reputation of your brand.

We provide multi site pest control services and support to businesses of all kinds:

We understand that for organisations with multiple sites, your top priorities are either the connectivity of these sites (or multiple arms of the business), or simply the optimal productivity and effectiveness of each individual business/site. Our multi site pest control support helps to ensure that the operations of each of your sites are undisturbed by infestation, and much more.

Our support offers you the confidence that specialists are helping your business to thrive.

multi site pest control
Multi site pest control
Multi site pest control

What Does Our Multi Site Pest Control Support Entail?

Key West’s multi site support:

  • Helps to strengthen your commercial properties’ defences against pest activity.
  • Offers regular visits to your range of properties to inspect each site for pest activity, enabling us to deploy preventative maintenance and treatments, to maintain each site’s pest-free status.
  • Protects the health of your employees, customers, or end consumers, and the assets across each site.
  • Helps you to meet the industry-specific pest-related legislation that governs your industry. (Food Businesses and Hotels/Accommodation, this is especially crucial for businesses like yours)


But There’s More…

At Key West, we offer a superior service to that of our competitors, one that is tailored to your organisation, and puts you at the very centre.

On that note, our multi site pest control support offers you your very own account manager, who understands your different sites’ specific pest control requirements, and can advise on pest management across your entire range of commercial properties.

We use electronic reporting to track and monitor the delivery of our service, and detail signs of pest activity, the work or treatments deployed, and our recommendations, across each of your sites. We offer consolidated reports, and provide summary reports for each site, to make outcomes easy to digest, and to action across your range of properties/sites.

Key West’s multi site pest control support also helps you to develop and deliver pest reduction processes across each of your sites. Processes that connect the entire organisation. We can also provide advice, coaching, and internal training programmes to help your business become more pest-aware, and operate in a way that minimises pest activity across your sites on a day to day basis.

In short, our partnership offers you the support of commercial pest control specialists with two decades of experience, and the work of fully insured, accredited, Level 2 technicians with full DBS checks, working to drive your business forward.

Multi site pest control
Multi site pest control

Don’t Need Multi Site Pest Control Support?

Without trusted and experienced pest control professionals protecting your commercial properties, preventing pest activity across your sites, protecting employees and customers across your properties, helping your business meet your industry’s pest-related legislation, and safeguarding your reputation with multi site pest control support, the future of your business hangs on chance.

Commercial infestations are not simply unfortunate things that happen to others, they’re a very real threat for each and every business type, across every commercial setting.

To boil it down, our multi site support helps to ensure that “that” customer review for all the world to see, of a pesty experience across any of your sites, of a delivery that included a pesty surprise, or an employee report of workplace infestations via social media (often picked up by online mainstream media), is never written.

Call our team today, and make us your partner in pest prevention, to ensure the smooth operation of your sites, and drive your business forward with the support of commercial pest control specialists.