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At Key West, we’ve been providing pest control for hotels for long enough to know that running a hotel is a no holiday. The last thing you need, disturbing the complex operations of your hotel, or affecting the bookings of your accommodation, is a pest problem.

As experts in commercial pest control, you can rest assured that our tailored pest control for hotels helps to prevent pest activity across your premises, protect your guests and staff, and safeguard your all important reputation, from the threat of infestation.

While a pest problem in any business can be disastrous, pest problems in hotels and accommodation properties could lead to hefty fines, court appearances, negative press, reputational loss, and closures.

We’re a specialist provider of pest control for hotels, here to help you meet pest-related industry legislation, strengthen your defences against infestation, maintain your pest-free policy, and keep your doors open to happy guests.

pest control for hotels
Pest control for hotels

We Make Your Responsibility Our Business


In the UK, all businesses have a responsibility to manage pest activity across their commercial properties, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and our services help businesses of all kinds, to meet these requirements, and protect their premises, stock, people, and reputation.

For businesses like yours, however, our specialist pest control for hotels helps you to meet not only pest-related Health and Safety legislation, but The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health‘s pest-related guidelines for hotel and accommodation owners and managers too.

These guidelines state that:

  • Premises owners and managers have a duty of care to provide a pest-free, safe environment for employees and guests, under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.
  • Premises owners and managers are expected to take an active role in the management of pest activity across their hotels and accommodation.
  • Owners and managers of accommodation are expected to employ qualified pest control professionals (like us) and to follow safe, effective and sustainable pest control methods.
Pest control for hotels
Pest control for hotels
Pest control for hotels

Does your hotel or accommodation premises have an on-site restaurant/kitchen?

The pest-related legislation just got a little heavier! Food businesses, or hospitality businesses with a food component, must meet Food Safety Standards, implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and maintain hygiene ratings.

The pest-related portion of these regulations, and The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene 1995 regulations that food businesses must also meet, is extensive, but outlines a firm requirement to prevent the contamination of food, food preparation areas, and dining areas, by pests.

Enter Key West’s pest control for hotels. We make your responsibility our business, and work to help your business keep driving forward, undisturbed by pest problems, supported by experts. Give our team a call today.

Pest control for hotels

What Is Pest Control for Hotels?

We’re more than just a provider of commercial pest control, we’re a partner in pest prevention, supporting your hotel or accommodation property to remain pest-free this week, next week, and into the future.

Key West’s pest control for hotels entitles you to regular visits to your hotel, or chain of hotels, to conduct frequent pest inspections, deploy preventative maintenance, treatments, and manage early signs of infestation, to help keep your doors open to staying guests.

Without pest control professionals protecting your premises, employees and guests, helping your business meet your industry’s pest-related legislation, and safeguarding your reputation, the future of your business hangs on chance.

Our pest control for hotels gives you the confidence that trusted, specialist pest control providers are working to protect your business, and help it thrive.

Pest control for hotels

Don’t Need Pest Control for Hotels?

In short, our work helps to ensure that “that review”, a recounting of a pesty stay at your establishment, for all the world to see, is never written.

Our years of providing pest control for hotels means we understand that your business requires the impeccably timed work of your various specialist teams, to connect seamlessly, with the guest at the very centre of the service. That’s no easy feat, and a delicate balance that could be easily toppled by the disturbance of pest activity.

Call our team today, to arrange a free pest control inspection of your property, and partner with us to protect your business.