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Key West’s Pest Control for Landlords


Combining our specialism in commercial pest control (deploying tailored services across our clients’ range of commercial properties), and over 20 years of experience in offering residential services, residential landlords like you can count on Key West’s pest control for landlords, to protect your portfolio of properties, tennants, and reputation from the threat of infestation.

Tenants and landlords rarely discuss what should happen in the event of a pest problem. And we get it, nothing says “welcome to your new home” like a pesty conversation. So, when infestation strikes, this service is a lifeline, for landlords and tenants alike.

Whether you have one rental property, or a portfolio across Yorkshire and beyond, we can tailor our pest control for landlords service to your properties, their location, and the unique pest related risks they face.

Pest control for landlords
Pest control for landlords
Pest control for landlords

We Make Your Responsibility Our Business

The matter of where the responsibility lies, when pest problems strike in rental properties, is not a fuzzy, grey area. Shelter makes it rather clear that the responsibility lies with landlords. We’re not pointing fingers here, we’re here to take this responsibility off your plate.

Guidance states that residential landlords are responsible for tending to repairs necessary to prevent pests from accessing the homes of tenants.

Similarly, should a pest problem grow out of hand, if an infestation makes a tenant’s home unfit to live in, or if an infestation is found to have been caused by disrepair, landlords like you are legally responsible to take action, at no cost to your tenant.

Key West’s pest control for landlords is not just a reactive service for those occasions when a tenant uncovers an infestation in one of your properties. We can support you on a long term basis, to prevent pest activity across your portfolio of properties, this month, next month, and into the future.

What is Pest Control for Landlords?


At Key West, we believe that prevention is the best cure, and “The Two P’s”, prevention and protection, underpin everything we do. We’re your partner in pest prevention.

We work with residential landlords like you, on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your properties, and deploy preventative maintenance and treatments, to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so full blown infestations of any kind need never occur.

Our pest control for landlords service, offers you the ultimate, 100% tailored, pest prevention solution.

We can arrange visits to your properties, in the periods they are vacant, to ensure each is 100% pest free, and to strengthen its defences against infestation, in time for your next tenant to move in, and make your property their home.

If you’ve got a portfolio of properties, we can schedule these visits ahead of time, inline with the contracts you have with tenants in each of your listings, to plan inspections in for the year, or years ahead. Offering you total peace of mind.

Want to offer your tenants greater protection against pest infestation? Perhaps the location of one of your properties means it’s prone to infestation from a specific pest? We can schedule visits to inspect and protect your properties on a more regular basis, at a time and date that works for your tenants.

Of course, we’re there for pest related emergencies too! Enquire about our pest control for landlords today, for the confidence that pest professionals are supporting you, to protect your assets, tenants, and reputation.

Pest control for landlords
Pest control for landlords

Considering DIY Pest Control Methods?

Most residential pest problems are hard to treat effectively, without the support of professionals like Key West.

Commercially available DIY products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and often require multiple treatments, accelerating the cost of your rat problem, and maxing out your frustrations.

As the clients we support with our pest control for landlords know, there’s not a lot we don’t know about pest control and prevention. When it comes to DIY pest control products, everything you need to know is not printed on the tin, and the knowledge and experience we have goes a long way to delivering an effective and speedy solution every time.

In every case, trusted pest control services are the ultimate, most cost-effective solution.

Call us today to discuss your portfolio, or pest control requirements, and take the first step in protecting your properties, tenants, and reputation, and meeting your legal responsibility as a residential landlord.