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Key West’s Pest Control for Office Buildings


At Key West, we’re friends to facilities managers, and commercial landlords across Yorkshire and beyond, who rely on our pest control for office buildings, to keep their businesses driving forward.

Commercial landlords of office buildings without pest control measures in place, assume pest problems in these settings are merely far-off tales, unfortunate things suffered by others, until it happens to them!

In fact, Key West’s pest control for office buildings has helped clients with:

  • Rodent problems (wherever people go, rats go too)
  • Pest bird problems (no premises is safe from these hugely disruptive and destructive pests)
  • Fly problems
  • Moth problems
  • Cockroach infestations (not as uncommon as you might think in office buildings with kitchens)
  • Flea and Bedbug infestations (sometimes employees bring more than their ideas to work)
  • Fabled “cable bug” problems (We provide an anti-static treatment to combat a skin irritation commonplace across offices, caused by static electricity, often misdiagnosed as a bug bite.)

Nothing halts operations quite like a pest problem. As your partner in pest prevention, we work with you to prevent pest activity across your office building, and to help drive your business forward, undisturbed by pest activity.


Pest control for office buildings
Pest control for office buildings
Pest control for office buildings

We Make Your Responsibility Our Business

We help commercial landlords and facilities managers like you, to meet the pest-related legislation that governs your industry, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Key West’s pest control for office buildings helps you to offer a safe working environment, as outlined in these regulations, via the advised means of pest professionals, and help to safeguard the health employees/service users, protect your commercial premises, and your reputation.

We make your responsibility our business, to enable you to do what you do best, supported by commercial pest control specialists, working to help your business thrive.

Pest control for office buildings

What Is Pest Control for Office Buildings?

At Key West, we provide continuous support, to prevent pest activity across your commercial property, and help you remain pest-free, this week, next week, and into the future.

Our pest control for office buildings entitles you to regular visits to your premises, or range of sites, to conduct frequent inspections, deploy preventative maintenance, treatments, and manage the early signs of infestation, to keep your doors open, your operations ticking over, and your employees/service users safe and comfortable.

Without pest control professionals protecting your premises, employees and guests, helping your business meet your industry’s pest-related legislation, and safeguarding your reputation, the future of your business hangs on chance.

Our pest control for office buildings gives you the confidence that trusted, specialist pest control providers are working to protect your business, and help it thrive.


Pest Control for Office Buildings

Don’t Need Commercial Pest Control Support?

Pest problems are hardly inconspicuous, and news travels fast around commercial properties like yours, putting a swift end to “business as usual”. There are no shortage of reports in major online news publications of workplace infestations, which all started with a social post by a distressed employee.

In short, our pest control for office buildings helps to keep your employees/service users safe, and comfortable, and works to safeguard the reputation for your brand and business.

In our 20 years of providing commercial pest control services, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the complex operations of business like yours, and we’re here to ensure that the work of your various teams is undisturbed by pest activity, and to keep business booming.

Pest control for office buildings

Considering DIY Methods?

DIY pest control products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and often require multiple treatments. When you consider the size of commercial properties like yours, the DIY approach is likely to radically increase the cost of your pest problem, and accelerate your frustrations.

Furthermore, knowledge goes a long way to successfully treating a pest problem, and you’ll find opting for professional pest control support is the quickest, and most cost effective route to a speedy, stress-free solution.

Call our team today, to arrange a free pest control inspection of your property, and partner with us to protect your business.