Remember restaurants? Soon, we’ll be able to wine and dine again, sitting across the table from our friends, family and partners in our favourite eateries, many of which may have been empty for months. Empty, and open to pests! Pest Control for Restaurants is a crucial service for these businesses and has been instrumental in preparing these eateries to re-open on July 4th.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has presented enormous problems for businesses across a wide range of industries. Restaurants are amongst those that have had to pivot in order to maintain operations, by closing their doors to diners and functioning as “takeaway only” businesses.

Pest Control – Your Invisible Team Members

For those restaurants able to adapt, lockdown has been an enormously busy time. Dealing with reduced staff numbers, and a higher volume of orders, these businesses have relied on pest control companies like Key West to help them maintain pest-free status, and their all-important hygiene ratings, throughout this difficult and busy period.

From July 4th, restaurants and cafes can re-open in the UK, extending a full service, albeit with strict guidelines to adhere to.

We have a great many clients in the Food and Beverage Industry who have been in touch to book a series of treatments or Pest Protection Programmes ahead of their re-opening. These programmes are offered to all commercial clients, providing them with thorough inspections of their premises, preventative maintenance, and treatments of any existing pest problems.

pest control for restaurantsWhy Pest Control for Restaurants is Important

Pre or post-pandemic, restaurants must comply to Food Safety Standards and implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in order to protect public health. Whilst many of the points detailed in this legislation are not pest-related, there is a broad yet firm requirement to prevent the contamination of food by pests.

According to Regulation EC No 852/2005, EU Hygiene of Food Stuffs:

“Food business operators are required to, as far as possible, prevent animals and pests from causing contamination by taking adequate measures, as appropriate”

Within the HACCP, the points that refer directly to pest control detail:
  • Regular monitoring and inspection for signs of pests and any situation that may increase the risk of pest infestations
  • Action taken to control the pests or remove the source of risk of infestation
  • Keeping records of incidences of pests and measures used to prevent, monitor and control pests
Legislation also stipulates:
  • Inspection of deliveries of food and supplies
  • Routine inspection of the premises for pests
  • If pests are found, use accepted methods of control, including removal of dead or trapped pests in suitable ways
  • Eliminating harbourage
  • Remove dead or trapped pests from control devices at a frequency that prevents their accumulation, decomposition, or the attraction of other pests

Of course, beyond this, restaurants have health inspections to pass and hygiene ratings to uphold.

If pest problems are uncovered, or hygiene standards not upheld, hefty fines, a press smearing, poor hygiene ratings and temporary or permanent closures are likely consequences.

pest control for restaurants

Pest Control Post-Pandemic Pause

Deploying pest control treatments across a whole range of commercial premises, we regularly tackle problems that occur in empty or less-travelled spaces. However, when it comes to restaurants, takeaways, and cafes, (environments known to pests as a regular place to find a meal), these empty buildings can become over run.

As we work to provide treatments and preventative maintenance to enable eateries to re-open on July 4th, its clear that the conditions under which operations were paused is key to the pest problems their empty buildings would later host.

We’ve seen evidence that kitchens were setting up, preparing for service, when employees were advised to leave the premises.

Damp mops and full buckets of water, attracting flies.

A knife used to prepare salads, attracting ants.

Even problems such as these, while they may seem insignificant, could end plans for eateries to re-open their doors on time. That’s where we come in!

Think Key West

For restaurants who are simply looking for peace of mind, to ensure smooth resumed operations and safe and healthy diners, why not enquire about a Key West Pest Audit?

We’ll visit your premises, compiling a full risk report, detailing the areas across the property that may provide access to pests, the work required to protect the premises and any existing pest problems we uncover.

Alternatively, if you’ve returned to the restaurant ahead of re-opening and uncovered a pest problem, no matter how small, we can help.

Key West are committed to providing reactive, effective, and affordable pest control services, to help businesses do what they do, without the pest-related headaches.

Hygiene Measures

For all restaurants, takeaways and cafes, whether you’ve been operating throughout lockdown, or are preparing to reopen in July, government mandated hygiene measures are a new concern.

Key West Hygiene Services provide Antibacterial Mist Treatments for commercial businesses of all kinds, to protect staff and customers.

A far superior alternative to a typical deep clean, this treatment contains Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus, killing it on hard surfaces.

Looking for Pest Control for Restaurants? Think Key West. Our friendly team are on hand to take your call. Here’s to a successful re-opening.