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As specialists in commercial pest control, we understand that a thorough pest control inspection can be invaluable in helping businesses like yours to safeguard your commercial property – or properties, your staff, customers, stock, and reputation.

At Key West, we believe this invaluable process should be 100% free.

It doesn’t take a specialist to spot full blown pest problems, and that’s not what our inspections are about. We help you understand the potential pest-related threats facing your business and commercial property (or range of properties), identify potential ingress points across your premises, offer advice on the most effective and cost-effective steps to take to remain pest-free, and more.

Invite us to your premises for a comprehensive pest control inspection today, and help protect your business from the risks of infestation.

Pest control inspection
Pest control inspection

Helping Drive Your Business Forward

More than a standalone service, we start our relationships with new commercial clients with this same process. This means we’ve deployed our pest control inspection and pest control treatments, and protected businesses from the risks of infestation, across commercial settings as varied as:

We are a friend to Facilities Managers, Business Owners, Building Managers, and Commercial Landlords, across Yorkshire and beyond, who, armed with the risk assessment compiled during a Key West pest control inspection, strengthened their defences against pest infestation.

Usually, we’re asked to deploy the required work identified during our survey, and to partner up with the organisation. However, please note, there is no obligation, and there are no strings attached to our free inspection. 

Pest control inspection
Pest control inspection

Don’t Need a Pest Control Inspection?

We believe our services, and indeed our free inspections, are not just about treating existing infestations, they’re here to safeguard your premises, prevent pest problems, and help spot and manage the signs of pest activity early, to protect your business and its operations, from the disturbance of a full blown commercial pest problem.

100% Free, and requiring only a small investment of your time, a Key West pest control inspection could be the difference between business as usual, or a business nightmare.

Whatever the specifics of your business, our skilled and experienced technicians have an understanding of the pest-related legislation relevant to your specific kind of business, and will tailor our inspection to your unique premises and business operations, to deliver maximum value.

Pest control inspection

Office Buildings:

A pest problem in an office building is a surefire way to disrupt employee engagement and focus. From pesky fly infestations, noisy pest bird problems, to rodent, moth problems, and even bed bug infestations, all manner of unwanted visitors can find their way into your office space, and the results could be devastating for your productivity, the reputation of your brand, and to the health of your employees.

Warehouses & Factories:

A free pest control inspection from Key West could help to protect your warehouse, factory, plant, or distribution centre, your stock, and the health of not only your employees, but your product’s final recipient, from the threat of infestation.

Restaurants, Pubs and Bars:

Failing to protect your hygiene rating, and meet essential pest-related food standards legislation, could lead to hefty fines, court appearances, negative press, and closures. Can you afford not to take advantage of our free inspection?

Hotels & Accommodation:

When it comes to providing a pleasant stay for paying accommodation guests, pests are a no no. Our free pest control inspection could help you spot the signs of ant, fly, moth, bed bug infestations and more, that if unmanaged, could devastate a hospitality business in a single review, and help you meet The Chartered Institution for Environmental Health’s pest-related guidelines for accommodation owners and managers.