Infestations in office spaces are widely assumed to be unfortunate events suffered by others, until it happens to you. Pest control services for offices help providers of serviced offices and coworking spaces, to provide safe and hygienic environments for their service users, and help businesses with their own commercial premises to protect employees, safeguarding reputations across the board.

The Importance of Pest Control Services for Offices

Many of us spend at least 5 days a week at work, working 8-hour days, excluding busy commutes. Working a massive 3,515 full days over our lifetime, it goes without saying that the workplace should be a safe and hygienic environment for all, and providers of office spaces and businesses with their own HQ must ensure that individuals are protected from the health risks attributed to pests across the workplace.

Enter our pest control services for offices!

Without strong evidence of a problem, it may be tempting to make savings in areas such as these, but our crucial work is about a lot more than just treating existing infestations.

Beyond the regular Bird Proofing work we deploy to rid office buildings of their nuisance bird problems, how would you feel if we told you that our technicians have treated infestations of Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Rats/Mice, and Flies in office spaces across the country?

Surprised? Wondering how an infestation of such pests could establish itself unnoticed?

Without a partner in pest control, providers of office spaces or businesses with their own designated commercial space, lack a crucial defence. “Prevention”.

For us, Pest Control is about the two P’s, Prevention and Protection, and without regular visits from Key West, many of our clients in this sector could find their premises’ home to a lot more than just big ideas.

Our pest control services for offices prevent pest problems before they occur, including preventative maintenance in each of our regular visits to seal your property from pest ingress. These regular repeat visits are crucial to monitor for the activity of pests attributed to the coming and going of people, to ensure your commercial office space is permanently pest-free.

Pest control services for officesCommon Pest Problems in Office Spaces

Infestations in offices spread like wildfire! A problem with any of the follow pests across an office space, could be one quickly shared!

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you’ll have seen the many reports and news articles about the explosive rodent problem across the UK. And if homes across the country are battling these pests, you best believe businesses are fighting them too.

Now, for the really skin-crawling pests…

Bed bugs are often transported into office spaces from the homes of the individuals working in or visiting the space. Tucked away in their clothes or bags, these rapidly multiplying pests can quickly infest an office space.

Fleas are another shudder-worthy workplace infestation for employees, pests which are transferred to the office in the same way as bed bugs, exacerbated by “bring your dog your workdays”, and visiting pets.

Cockroaches are also not an uncommon critter for our technicians to uncover in the kitchens of office spaces. A pest that always comes as a surprise to those who find their businesses infested by them, these critters aren’t exclusive to far-flung places, and an unmanaged problem can quickly become a disaster for businesses.

Another common complaint facing providers of services offices, and business office managers, are those regarding bites, usually at leg level. While these bites, in some cases, are certainly due to insect/bug activity, in most cases, they are caused by what our industry calls “cable bug”.

These “bites” are actually a skin irritation of sorts, caused by static electricity (hence the word “cable”), a product running behind every desk and along the walls of almost every office in the UK. We can deploy an “anti -static” treatment during our regular visits, to bring static levels down.

For genuine insect bites, we’ll detect the pest and deploy appropriate treatments to remove the problem. No business should be biting its biggest assets!

The Dangers of Neglecting Pest Control across Offices

With the major news titles covering infestations in commercial spaces on both a local and national level, it can take only one post on social media, or an outraged employee/service user reaching out to a journalist, to destroy an otherwise impeccable reputation.

But the practical implications could also be disastrous.

For providers of serviced offers, disgruntled business owners (service users), rent reductions, necessary repairs to the building, and in some cases, revenue loss, are just a few of the probable outcomes of a pest problem across a commercial office space.

For businesses with their own designated office spaces, frightened or concerned employees, and business/operational disruption, resulting in a loss of earnings, are a likely result of an infestation across the office environment.

Pest control services for offices are here to help spare you these headaches and ensure your business meets the required Health and Safety Regulations.

Pest control services for offices

Pest Control for Your Commercial Office Space

With rolling fee, no fixed term contracts, known to quote up to two thirds less than our competitors, you can “up” your defences for less, with Key West.

With a commitment to providing a superior, discreet, personalised service, putting you in the centre, can you afford not to?

Why not invite us in to conduct a free pest control survey? This is where many of our longest client relationships have begun.

During the survey, we will conduct a full report as we assess the office building/premises, highlighting ingress points, any existing problems we might uncover, providing preventative advice and details about our proposed service for your specific premises.

Is it time you invested in pest control services for offices? Our friendly team are on-hand to help answer all your enquiries. Protect your premises, and your people, for less with Key West.