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Key West Rat Control Services


In our 20 years as a pest control company, we’ve learnt a thing or two about rat control.

Widely considered to be the most widespread terrestrial mammal, wherever you find people, you’ll find rats. Shudder-worthy thought right? What’s more, many of our homes, and all commercial properties without preventative rat control measures in place, are essentially open to infestation from these capable, resilient, and destructive pests.

A rat problem in the home or businesses is not only a skin-crawling proposition, and a business nightmare, but able to spread 35 diseases to people in and around the property, calls for rat control services are truly an emergency.

And At Key West, we treat them as such. Our services provide peace of mind to homeowners, and keep businesses like yours driving forward, protected from rat infestation, this week, the next, and into the future.

Rat Control
Rat Control


Our skilled technicians have deployed rat control services in all manner of settings, battling infestations of all sizes and scales. We’ve truly seen it all, and have the experience and understanding to deliver a speedy, effective and affordable solution for even the most established rat infestations.

At Key West, we understand that prevention is the ultimate cure, and therefore our services go beyond simply treating your rat problem, we’ll help secure your premises and offer expert advice, to protect your home or business from these pests in the future.

Whether inviting us into your home or commercial property, you’ll find that the effectiveness of our rat control services is matched with professionalism, politeness, discretion, and absolute respect for your home, or commercial premises, and those inside it.

Key West technicians are highly trained, accredited, and use highly effective techniques that are safe to humans and the environment, protecting homes and families, and commercial properties, employees, and consumers, across Yorkshire and beyond.

Rat Control
Rat Control

Prevent and Protect

At Key West, “The 2 P’s”, Prevention and Protection, underpin not only our approach to rat control services, but to commercial pest control as a whole.

We’re a partner in pest prevention, and work with businesses like yours, on an ongoing basis, to conduct frequent inspections, deploy preventative maintenance and treatments, and help you meet industry-specific commercial pest-related legislation, to protect your commercial property (or properties) from infestation, and safeguard your all important reputation.

Our work isn’t just about providing pest control treatments to tackle existing infestations. We provide you with the confidence that trusted specialists are working continually to help your business thrive, undisturbed by the very real risks of infestation, with tailored services that put you, our customer, at the very centre. In short, our support makes urgent calls for rat control, a thing of the past.


Rat Control

Are Rat Control Services Essential?

Rats are an incredibly destructive, smelly, and a dangerous pest to have in your home or business.

An almost global aversion to rats is not misplaced, and their ability to transmit diseases is not an old wives tale. Infact, they’re capable of transmitting 35 diseases to your family, or employees and customers. Based on this alone, rat problems require immediate action.

But, there’s more. Capable of causing significant damage to your home commercial property, leaving a disgusting stench and mess behind them, and sending everybody in your home or business into distress, you’ll find our fast, effective, and affordable rat control services will save you money, and your sanity.

Considering DIY Rat Control Methods?

Rat problems are notoriously difficult to treat effectively, without the help of specialist services like ours.

Commercial DIY products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and often require multiple treatments, accelerating the cost of your rat problem, and maxing out your frustrations.

Furthermore, as is the case with most DIY pest control products, everything you need to know is not printed on the tin. Infact, knowledge and experience goes a long way when it comes to rat problems, something we have in spades, and something that enables us to deliver an effective and speedy solution every time.

The more established a rat problem, the trickier they are to treat. In every case, trusted rat control services are the ultimate, most cost-effective solution.