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At Key West, we pride ourselves on being the friendly face of pest control, offering personal, professional, and effective residential pest control services that put you at the very centre.

We understand that pest problems in the home are true emergencies, and like all other emergencies, when a pest problem strikes, you need a reactive, reliable, and effective solution.

That’s exactly what our residential pest control services offer, and a stress-free, friendly experience, guided by industry experts. In part, we’re in the business of peace of mind, and our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge to restore yours, and make your pest free home, your own once more.

Residential Pest Control
Residential Pest Control


Domestic calls are our heritage, and we deliver our residential pest control services with pride, and a no-compromise approach, to help the people of Yorkshire and beyond tackle their pest problems quickly and affordably.

Key West technicians deploy our services with the utmost respect for your home (or surrounding property), and you’ll find our work’s effectiveness is matched with politeness, tidiness, and discretion.

From our office staff, who will take your call to identify the nature of your pest problem, the right treatments required, the likely number of treatments required, and arrange an urgent visit, to our skilled technicians who deploy our residential pest control services, ours are empathetic ears, and we are here to help.

We have handled every kind of pest problem imaginable, in all manner of domestic settings, at every scale, so whether crawling, furry, or flying pests have made their home in yours, we can provide you with a speedy solution to protect your home and family. Pest problem? No problem. Give us a call today.

Residential pest control
Residential pest control

Spotted the Signs of a Pest Infestation?

If you think you’re seeing the signs of infestation at home, first breathe, then give us a call. When it comes to residential pest control, we know it pays to move quickly, to ensure we can deliver a speedy resolution.

Have a chat with our team about the signs you’re seeing, and they’ll help identify the nature of the pest problem, advise on the most effective solution, and arrange your first treatment. Or, if you’ve caught the problem nice and early, we may be able to simply offer advice for you to implement.

At Key West, there’s no pest problem too difficult, and residential pest control calls to tackle rodent, bedbug, and cockroach infestations, ant, fly and moth problems, as well as squirrel and pest bird problems across Yorkshire and beyond, keep us busy all year round. So, whatever the pest, we can help.

Residential pest control

“The Two P’s”

At Key West, “The Two P’s” underpin our approach to everything we do, including our all-important residential pest control services.

Prevention: Preventing pest activity in the home with preventative maintenance and treatments.
Protection: Safeguarding your home (or surrounding property) and family.

A little too late for preventative action? Not to worry. We provide urgent call outs to deliver a swift solution to your pest problems, giving you back your peace of mind. Just give us a call.

Considering DIY Pest Control?

While it may be tempting to explore DIY methods, commercially available DIY pest control products vary enormously in their effectiveness, and usually require multiple treatments, unnecessarily increasing the cost of your pest problem, your frustrations, and prolonging your pest-related predicament.

We’re highly trained, accredited, and experienced, pest control professionals, approved by the organisations that govern our industry. We know the safest, and most effective way to treat a pest problem, or provide preventative maintenance. Tackling a pest problem alone could put you and your family at risk, actually accelerate your pest problem, and cause unnecessary damage to your property.

With services so affordable, using an experienced, professional residential pest control provider, is the safest bet for a speedy solution.