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Specialist Restaurant Pest Control


As experts in commercial pest control, we’ve supported restaurants, and all manner of food businesses all over the UK, with specialist restaurant pest control services, to help prevent pest activity across their premises, and to protect their businesses. Food businesses just like yours.

While a pest problem in any type of business can be disastrous (halting operations, damaging stock, properties, risking the health of employees, and damaging all important reputations), unmanaged pest problems in your restaurant could lead to hefty fines, court appearances, negative press, closures, and could put your diners at serious risk.

We’re a specialist restaurant pest control provider, here to help you uphold your hygiene rating, meet food standards legislation, and protect your business and reputation. Our services help keep your doors open to happy diners, and safeguards your gleaming reputation.

restaurant pest control
Restaurant Pest Control
Restaurant pest control

We Make Your Responsibility Our Business

In the UK, restaurants must meet Food Safety Standards, and implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), to protect public health.

Legislation for food businesses (The Food Safety Act 1990, and General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995), is extensive, though significant portions of it outline a firm requirement to prevent the contamination of food, food preparation areas, and dining areas, by pests.

Food businesses are magnets for rodents, cockroaches, flies, and other pests. Whether you need expert rodent control measures, cockroach treatments, a range of electric fly killers installed across your premises, or a combination of treatments, we can help.

However, at Key West, commercial pest control is about so much more than treating existing pest problems. Our restaurant pest control services help you meet food business legislation, help strengthen your property’s defences against infestation, prevent pest activity across your restaurant, and spot the earliest signs of pest problems, so full blown infestations need never occur.

Restaurant Pest Control

Our Restaurant Pest Control Services and Support

We are friends to restaurant owners and food business facilities staff all over the country, to whom we provide continuous support, to protect their businesses from the threat of infestation.

Our restaurant pest control services include regular visits to your restaurant, or chain of restaurants, to conduct frequent pest inspections, deploy preventative maintenance, treatments, and manage early signs of infestation, to help keep your doors open, and the diners flooding in.

Without pest control professionals safeguarding your hygiene rating, ensuring your business meets pest-related food standards legislation, and ensuring your property is defended against infestation, the future of your business hangs on chance.

Our restaurant pest control services give you the confidence that trusted partners in pest prevention are working to protect your business, and help it thrive.

Restaurant Pest Control

Don’t Need Restaurant Pest Control Services?

Our specialist restaurant pest control services are here to ensure “that review”, the fatal blow of a pest-related dining experience for all the world to see, is never written.

Let us take some of the weight, so your business can do what it does best – serve super tasty food – without getting bogged down in pest-related industry legislation.

According to Regulation EC No 852/2005, EU Hygiene of FoodStuffs:

“Food business operators are required to, as far as possible, prevent animals and pests from causing contamination by taking adequate measures, as appropriate”

Restaurant Pest Control

HACCP, and Food Standards legislation also requires business like yours to:

  • Regularly monitor and inspect for signs of pests and any situation that may increase the risk of pest infestations
  • Inspect deliveries of food and supplies to catch the signs of pest problems early
  • Eliminate harbourage
  • Take action to control pest problems, or remove the source of risk of infestation
  • Keep records of incidences of pests and measures used to prevent, monitor and control pests
  • Remove dead or trapped pests from control devices at a frequency that prevents their accumulation, decomposition, or the attraction of other pests

All this on top of running a restaurant, or a chain of them? Yep! Leave it to Key West, your specialist restaurant pest control provider, and partner in pest prevention. We’ll manage all things pest prevention, to keep your business driving forward.