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So, you suspect you’ve got a squirrel problem. Not as cute as they look are they?

Highly destructive (thanks to incisor teeth that never stop growing), noisy, capable of transmitting Tularemia, Salmonelosis, Typhus, and Ringworm to humans via their bite, and leaving parasitic pests like ticks, fleas, and mites across your home or commercial property, squirrel problems in the home or business require urgent squirrel control measures.

Squirrel problems are notoriously difficult to treat, as once inside your property, they claim it as their own, and act to protect their new dwelling, making them a biting risk for those in your home, or employees and consumers across your commercial premises.

What’s more, rural homes, urban homes within a surprisingly sizable proximity to green areas, and businesses without squirrel prevention measures in place, are all but open to these highly capable and destructive pests.

In our 20 years of providing squirrel control services, we’ve helped homes and businesses, in both rural and urban settings, battle Red and Grey squirrel problems, quickly, effectively, and affordably, protecting homes and the health of families, and helping businesses to protect their premises, employees and consumers, safeguard their operations, and all important reputation.

Looking for a reactive, speedy solution to squirrel problems? You’ve found it.

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

Your Partner in Pest Prevention

While our squirrel control services can be a reactive solution for businesses like yours, as specialists in commercial pest control, we understand that prevention is the best cure, and believe a partnership in pest prevention is the ultimate approach to pest control.

We work with you on a continuous basis, to regularly inspect your premises (or range of sites), deploy preventative maintenance and treatments to prevent pest activity, and tackle the early signs of pest problems, so business-halting infestations of any kind need never occur.

For businesses in urban settings, squirrel control measures will only be necessary if the signs are spotted during a regular inspection where pest activity of all kinds is being monitored and managed.

However, for rural businesses, we’ll make squirrel prevention a focus of our service, while also considering your business’s operations, industry, premises, the location of your premises, and the pest-related risks it faces, to find the perfect blend of services and treatments for your business.

At Key West, our services are 100% tailored to your business, and the unique pest related challenges it must navigate.

Squirrel Control

Think Your Rural Business Doesn’t Need Squirrel Control?

We support businesses with rural commercial properties to prevent squirrel activity, and to help ensure “business as usual” is a constant state.

Able to cause thousands of pounds worth of structural damage, risking the integrity of your products/stock (because nothing is safe from those gnawing teeth), and putting the health of your staff and customers at risk, a squirrel problem could be a business nightmare, and squirrel control and prevention is essential to protect the operations of your rural business.

There are no shortage of reports of workplace infestations in major online news publications, and each one began with an innocent social media post from an employee or customer. We’re here not only to protect your premises, reputation, staff and customers, but to help you provide a safe and comfortable workplace for your employees, so you hit the local press for all the right reasons.

For businesses with holiday accommodation in wooded areas, our specialist squirrel control, and pest control support for hotel businesses, helps to protect your assets from these destructive pests, protect the health of your guests, and ensure a potentially devastating review of an unpleasant squirrelly stay at your establishment, is never written.

Squirrel Control

Experienced, Trusted, And Discreet Squirrel Control Services

At Key West, we treat calls for residential squirrel control services as the emergencies they are, and are committed to providing the speedy solution you need, at a competitive price.

You’ll find we match the effectiveness of our treatments, with friendliness, professionalism, and respect for your home and family. We deliver an urgent, discreet, tidy, stress-free resolution, for an affordable price.

Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and are 100% accredited by the organisations which govern our industry. What’s more, we’re committed to deploying pest control services inline with the BPCA’s guidelines, so you can rest assured that we control squirrel problems like yours, in an effective, yet humane way.

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