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At Key West, we provide warehouse pest control support to businesses like yours, to strengthen their premises’ defences against infestation, prevent pest activity across their warehouses, and manage the early signs of infestation to keep operations driving forward.

As expansive spaces, with plenty of dark corners, often open to the elements to varying degrees, warehouses are prone to infestation, and businesses without pest prevention measures in place are leaving themselves open to the threat of infestation.

Key West’s warehouse pest control has helped clients with:

  • Rodent problems (Rats and mice are a common threat for warehouses across the UK, able to cause significant damage to your premises and product, and posing a serious health risk to your staff and end customers).
  • Pest bird problems (Making their way in via loading bays, the tall ceilings, metalwork, and racking in your warehouse makes a perfect nesting environment for destructive pest birds that pose a threat to your premises, product, and the health of your staff).
  • Stored Product Insects (These pests could destroy a huge quantity of your stock, and could infest the properties of food retailers, and the homes of your end customers).
  • Insects (These tiny pests can cause a big problem in your warehouse).
  • Cockroach infestations (These pests are far from exotic, and infest warehouses storing food products across the UK.)
  • Wasps (Wasp nests are a common problem for warehouses in the summer months. Our nest removal service starts at only £50)

Nothing halts operations quite like a pest problem. Enquire about our warehouse pest control service today, and make us your partner in pest prevention.

Warehouse Pest Control
Warehouse Pest Control
Warehouse Pest Control

We Make Your Responsibility Our Business

Our warehouse pest control services help businesses like yours to meet the pest-related legislation that governs all UK businesses under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, enabling you to provide a safe, pest-free workplace for your employees, and in turn, protect your end customer, stock, and premises.

As your partner in pest prevention, we can also help you to gain, or maintain accreditations and licences such as ISO 9001, SALSA, and BRC accreditations, which all require you to have an effective warehouse pest control programme across each of your sites.

To meet BRC standards, you’re required to conduct frequent pest control inspections, compile and keep records, audits and reports, which are all part of any Key West service. What’s more, we can advise you on best practice storage and distribution practices, to help you ensure the quality and safety of your goods – another essential BRC standard.

Warehouse Pest Control

What Is Warehouse Pest Control?

At Key West, we provide continuous support, to prevent pest activity across your warehouse and range of sites, and help you remain pest-free, this month, next month, and into the future.

Our warehouse pest control support entitles you to regular visits to your premises, or range of warehouses, to conduct frequent inspections, deploy preventative maintenance, treatments, and manage the early signs of infestation, to keep your doors open, your operations ticking over, and your staff and end users safe.

Businesses like yours can not only inherit pest problems unsuspectingly, but can very easily transfer these pest problems to your partners or end consumers. Which is why we can extend our service to your fleet of vehicles, providing an effective solution to prevent the spread of infestation.

Enquire about our warehouse pest control today for the confidence that pest professionals are supporting your business to thrive with 100% tailored pest control services.

Warehouse Pest Control

Don’t Need Warehouse Pest Control?

News of a pest problem travels fast around warehouse settings like yours, and there are no shortage of reports in major online news publications of workplace infestations, which all started with a social post by a distressed employee. We’re here to ensure this doesn’t happen.

In short, our warehouse pest control support helps to keep your employees safe and comfortable, works to protect your partners and end consumers from the threat of infestation, and safeguard the reputation of your brand.

In our 20 years of providing commercial pest control services, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the complex operations of business like yours, and the supply chain you’re a part of. We’re here to ensure that the work of your various teams, across your range of sites, is undisturbed by pest activity, and to protect your range of sites from infestation, and in turn, the rest of the supply chain.

In every case, trusted services like ours are the most cost-effective solution, and the quickest route back to business as usual.

Enquire about our warehouse pest control support today, to prevent pest activity across your warehouses, protect the operations of your business, and its reputation.