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Key West Wasp Nest Removal Service


Have wasps taken over your home or business? Looking for a highly effective, affordable, wasp nest removal service in the Yorkshire area and beyond? Look no further.

Key West spend a large portion of the summer months deploying this treatment across Yorkshire and surrounding areas, returning homes to their pest free status, and making commercial buildings safe, and wasp-free once more. Providing peace of mind to homeowners, and keeping businesses like yours driving forward.

With prices starting at just £50, we take the sting out of finding the right service at the right price. Contact us today.

Wasp nest removal
Wasp nest removal

Fast, Effective, Affordable

Our skilled technicians have deployed our wasp nest removal service in all kinds of settings, battling nests of all sizes. We’ve seen it all, and have removed nests from lofts, wall cavities, cupboards, sheds, and outhouses/external buildings, in homes and businesses across Yorkshire and beyond.

Understanding that prevention is the very best cure, our wasp nest removal service goes beyond simply treating your wasp nest problem, we help you to secure your property and protect your home and business from future wasp problems.

Our skilled technicians use highly effective techniques that are safe to humans, and environmentally friendly, protecting the residential and commercial properties we service, as well as families, and employees across the region.

Wasp nest removal

Is Wasp Nest Removal Essential?

Winter isn’t nature’s own wasp nest removal treatment, and the dangers of a wasp nest problem across your home or business could be significant.

We’ve heard of some truly unique DIY methods of removing wasps nests, ranging from straight-up crazy, to just plain dangerous, we highly recommend you avoid this approach entirely.

Professional wasp nest removal services like ours, are far more reliable and effective than shop-bought DIY treatments too, which vary enormously in effectiveness, and likely require repeat use, making them as economically viable as our affordable nest removal service, for which prices start at just £50.

For both homes and commercial properties with a wasp nest problem, the likely fear or discomfort of family members or employees, is compounded with a genuine health risk. An estimated 1% of the British public are allergic to wasp stings, a percentage of which could experience anaphylactic shock, a potentially fatal reaction.

What’s worse, wasp venom contains a pheromone which acts as an alarm, triggering other wasps to be more aggressive when a member of their hive has stung, or been killed, so in every case, a professional, accurate, effective wasp nest removal service, is the safest bet.

Though this percentage may seem low, the risk is real. For an affordable price, we can reinstate peace of mind across your home or business, with our fast, and effective wasp nest removal service.

Spotted Wasps but No Nest?

Unfortunately, no nest, doesn’t mean no problem. Some nests are hidden away, made under eaves, in sheds, outhouses/external buildings, loft spaces, cavity walls – just about anywhere they can find. Just because nests aren’t physically within the home or business, doesn’t minimise fear, disturbance, and the risk to people’s safety across your property.

It’s best to catch nests early on, as they’re far simpler to treat. So, if you’re experiencing an unusual level of wasp activity across your home or business, give our team a call about our wasp nest removal service today.

Looking for Bee Nest Removal?

Bee problems are also very common during the summer months, and we receive lots of calls from homeowners and businesses looking for a pest control solution we can’t offer.

In the UK, bee’s are not considered pests, and therefore are not controlled by reputable UK pest control companies, who operate inline with British Pest Control Association guidelines, as we do.

However, keen to ensure we offer a solution to a problem experienced by many across the UK each summer, we partnered with the Leeds Beekeepers Association in 2019, to drive Yorkshire homes and businesses with a bee problem, to their capable beekeepers, who can help remove the bees safely, and take them back to their apiary in Temple Newsam.

Key West callers enquiring about our wasp nest removal service are asked lots of questions to confirm that their buzzy problem is indeed wasp-related, and not a misidentified bee problem. On the rare occasion that our technicians arrive to a bee problem that we can’t treat, we call the LBA. Contact them today to handle all your Yorkshire-based, bee-related problems.